Klaus Schulze (43 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Klaus SchulzeX1978not rated2:39:28
Klaus SchulzeX1978not rated1:56:12
Klaus SchulzeUltimate Edition 01-101993not rated12:38:49
Klaus SchulzeTimewindnot rated59:15
Klaus SchulzeTimewind1975**** 1/21:55:40
Klaus SchulzeThe Dome Event1993not rated1:14:16
Klaus SchulzeRoyal Festival Hall Vol. 11992not rated1:09:32
Klaus SchulzePoznan 2003-11-05not rated29:37
Klaus SchulzePicture Music1975not rated46:37
Klaus SchulzePicture Music1975not rated1:19:57
Klaus SchulzeMoonlake2005***1:14:04
Klaus SchulzeMoondawn1976*****51:59
Klaus SchulzeMoondawn1976*****1:14:03
Klaus SchulzeMirage1977not rated1:17:16
Klaus SchulzeMirage*****57:44
Klaus SchulzeMiditerranean Pads1990not rated1:10:09
Klaus SchulzeLe Moulin De Daudet1992not rated1:19:09
Klaus SchulzeKontinuum2007****1:16:22
Klaus SchulzeIrrlicht1972not rated50:28
Klaus SchulzeIon2004not rated57:19
Klaus SchulzeIn Blue1995not rated3:30:49
Klaus SchulzeGoes Classic1994not rated1:18:25
Klaus SchulzeEn=Trance1988not rated1:10:49
Klaus SchulzeEn=Trance1988not rated1:18:49
Klaus SchulzeDziekuje Poznan2003not rated42:33
Klaus SchulzeDziekuje Poland1984not rated1:33:20
Klaus SchulzeDune1979not rated1:19:54
Klaus SchulzeDune1979not rated56:21
Klaus SchulzeDreams1986not rated1:19:00
Klaus SchulzeDosburg Online1997not rated1:19:28
Klaus SchulzeDig It / Trancefernot rated1:19:36
Klaus SchulzeDig Itnot rated1:17:21
Klaus SchulzeDas Wagner Desaster - Live2005not rated2:34:35
Klaus SchulzeCyborg1973not rated1:39:13
Klaus SchulzeContemporary Works II2002not rated7:04:05
Klaus SchulzeContemporary Works Inot rated12:22:20
Klaus SchulzeBody Love 21977not rated1:19:42
Klaus SchulzeBody Love1977not rated1:15:15
Klaus SchulzeBlackdance1974not rated48:09
Klaus SchulzeBeyond Recall1991not rated1:17:04
Klaus SchulzeAudentity1983not rated2:34:17
Klaus SchulzeAre You Sequenced1996not rated2:22:30
Klaus SchulzeAngst2005not rated1:12:06


  • November 2, 2008

    Klaus Schulze is a musician, composer, player and performer, a producer and record artist who "nearly single-handed invented electronic music" as the British Audion magazine once wrote.