Klaus Schulze
Contemporary Works II

Klaus Schulze - Contemporary Works II

  • Release date: 2002
  • Duration: 7:04:05
  • not rated
  • Added May 3, 2007


1. The Theme - The Rhodes Elegynot rated1:05:02
2. The Lonely Dead Of Midnightnot rated10:51
3. Between Twilight And Dawnnot rated13:21
4. In The Dimness Of Lightnot rated12:47
5. Easy listeningnot rated25:26
6. Track 1not rated13:19
7. Back to the Futurenot rated28:01
8. They Shut Him Out of Paradisenot rated41:43
9. And she is kind and gentlenot rated12:01
10. In The Streets, in The Rainnot rated4:33
11. Track 2not rated10:34
12. There's no Mysterynot rated4:36
13. I just have to sing my hymnsnot rated20:03
14. Die Prophezeiung erfullt sichnot rated23:15
15. The Wisdom of the Leavesnot rated12:26
16. Track 3not rated17:38
17. Don't Ask The Qyestion Whynot rated5:08
18. It still is nownot rated2:17
19. The Story Does Unfoldnot rated12:05
20. My World Keeps Spinning Aroundnot rated15:40
21. The Passion Burnsnot rated4:22
22. Follow Me Down, Follow Me Downnot rated28:46
23. Blowin' Thru The High Grassnot rated6:20
24. Many dreams have faded innot rated1:29
25. This House Full of Shadowsnot rated20:42
26. Many Fears Have Vanishednot rated9:36
27. As The Years Went Bynot rated2:04

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