Various artists (83 albums)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Various artistsЛегеды русского рокаnot rated47:43
Various artistsДжэм!not rated1:09:27
Various artistsОперация Rock'n'roll1999not rated48:36
Various artistsАМЛ Тест CD+not rated1:10:38
Various artistsZabriskie Point1970not rated1:31:17
Various artistsXLO Reference Recordings Test & Burn-In CD1995not rated1:04:27
Various artistsWayside Sampler 42008not rated1:16:18
Various artistsWXPN 88.5 - New Music Sampler2007not rated52:34
Various artistsWXPN 88.5 - New Music Sampler2007not rated1:05:51
Various artistsThe Ultimate Audiophile Rock Sampler2009not rated1:08:00
Various artistsThe Kosmische Auricle & Other Eggshells2008not rated59:55
Various artistsThe FAX Compilation1994not rated1:12:51
Various artistsThe Complete Woodstock Bootleg2004not rated11:12:43
Various artistsThe Best Of Woodstock1994not rated1:14:49
Various artistsThe Best Of Linn Records2004not rated1:02:45
Various artistsSymphony of soul1999not rated1:05:10
Various artistsStereophile Test CD1990not rated1:10:55
Various artistsStar's End 30th Anniversary Anthology2007not rated2:15:58
Various artistsSony Music Multichannel SACD Sampler2001not rated
Various artistsSanchez Test CD Volume 1not rated45:34
Various artistsRitchie Blackmore - Rock Profile Volume Two1991not rated1:18:46
Various artistsRitchie Blackmore - Rock Profile Volume One1989not rated1:18:36
Various artistsRisky Business1984not rated45:59
Various artistsResonance: The Echoes Living Room Concerts volume 132007not rated1:11:11
Various artistsPure 80's1999not rated1:14:27
Various artistsPure 70'snot rated1:16:39
Various artistsPsychedelic Underground Vol. 42000not rated1:00:00
Various artistsPsychedelic Underground Vol. 3not rated1:13:12
Various artistsPsychedelic Underground Vol. 122006not rated1:08:41
Various artistsPsychedelic Underground 132007not rated1:17:55
Various artistsPiesni Svabody2006not rated1:19:38
Various artistsNew Old Rhythm'n Blues1998not rated1:08:26
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 122010not rated1:52:53
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 112010not rated1:23:39
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 102010not rated1:40:29
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 09not rated1:27:09
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 082009not rated1:12:56
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 072009not rated1:14:48
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 06not rated1:08:19
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 05not rated1:09:51
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 04not rated1:17:18
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 03not rated1:13:06
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 02not rated1:04:06
Various artistsMusicZeit Sampler 01not rated1:00:19
Various artistsMultichannel SACD sampler2001not rated40:58
Various artistsMedia Evil (Infection Music Sampler)not rated55:15
Various artistsMade In Britain2001not rated1:07:32
Various artistsJazz1998not rated49:46
Various artistsIt's Time For IC1992not rated1:05:28
Various artistsIs There Anybody Out There?1997not rated1:08:07
Various artistsInterstudio Sound Check 2 Test CDnot rated1:06:58
Various artistsHarmonized1999not rated1:09:54
Various artistsHampshire Jam Preserved2002not rated2:16:22
Various artistsHampshire Jam 'Jam'2006not rated2:29:02
Various artistsFocal.JMlab Test CDnot rated1:11:15
Various artistsEvita Soundtrack1996not rated1:17:16
Various artistsEvitanot rated1:48:43
Various artistsE-dition #92005not rated1:18:36
Various artistsE-dition #82005not rated1:16:43
Various artistsE-dition #72005not rated1:15:10
Various artistsE-dition #62005not rated1:19:43
Various artistsE-dition #52004not rated1:19:52
Various artistsE-dition #42004not rated1:19:37
Various artistsE-dition #32004not rated1:18:09
Various artistsE-dition #22004not rated1:15:14
Various artistsE-dition #162007not rated1:19:45
Various artistsE-dition #152006not rated1:19:40
Various artistsE-dition #142006not rated1:16:04
Various artistsE-dition #132006not rated1:18:32
Various artistsE-dition #122006not rated1:19:22
Various artistsE-dition #112006not rated1:17:36
Various artistsE-dition #102005not rated1:19:07
Various artistsE-dition #12004not rated1:18:55
Various artistsClassical2005not rated1:06:44
Various artistsCannes, ses melodies revisiteesnot rated25:53
Various artistsBridges: Echoes Living Room Concert Vol. 92003not rated1:05:04
Various artistsBeyond Menot rated1:11:49
Various artistsAwakenings 2007 Vol.22007not rated2:34:40
Various artistsAwakenings 20052005not rated3:47:23
Various artistsAwakenings 13.03.102010not rated3:13:56
Various artistsAD Music Fanzine Vol2not rated1:13:25
Various artistsAD Music Fanzine Vol1not rated1:15:37
Various artistsA tribute to Klaus Schulze1998not rated1:17:55