Various artists
The Complete Woodstock Bootleg

Various artists - The Complete Woodstock Bootleg

  • Release date: 2004
  • Duration: 11:12:43
  • not rated
  • Added May 3, 2007
  • Played September 14, 2007


Set 01
1. John Morris-Richie Havens Intronot rated1:40
2. Keef Hartley-Spanish Flynot rated5:54
3. Ritchie Havens-High Flyin' Birdnot rated4:35
4. Incredible String Band-Invocationnot rated0:59
5. Ritchie Havens-Unknown Songnot rated0:53
6. Incredible String Band-The Letternot rated5:39
7. Ritchie Havens-I Can't Make it Anymorenot rated5:31
8. Incredible String Band-This Momentnot rated1:49
9. Ritchie Havens-Strawberry Fields Forever_Hey Judenot rated0:49
10. Incredible String Band-When You Find Out Who You Arenot rated8:58
11. Ritchie Havens-With A Little Help From My Friendsnot rated6:09
12. Mountain-Stormy Mondaynot rated5:12
13. Sweetwater-Motherless Childnot rated4:38
14. Mountain-Theme From An Imaginary Westernnot rated4:56
15. Sweetwater-Day Songnot rated0:42
16. Mountain-Long Rednot rated5:35
17. Bert Sommer-Jennifernot rated2:51
18. Mountain-For Yasgur's Farmnot rated3:53
19. Arlo Guthrie-Amazing Gracenot rated3:26
20. Mountain-You And Menot rated3:36
21. Intro_Quill-They Live The Lifenot rated1:14
22. Mountain-Waiting To Take You Awaynot rated4:27
23. Quill-BBYnot rated6:02
24. Mountain-Dreams Of Milk And Honeynot rated10:38
25. Quill-Waitin' For Younot rated4:46
26. Stage Problems Announcementnot rated0:31
27. Quill-Jamnot rated7:19
28. Ken Babbs-Chip Monck Intro Dead-St Stephennot rated5:52
29. Country Joe McDonald-Intronot rated0:37
30. Country Joe McDonald-Janisnot rated2:09
31. Country Joe McDonald-Rockin' All Around The Worldnot rated1:35
32. Country Joe McDonald-Flyin' High All Over The Worldnot rated1:59
33. Country Joe McDonald-Seen A Rocketnot rated1:27
34. Santana-Waitingnot rated1:31
35. Santana-You Just Don't Carenot rated2:45
Set 02
1. Grateful Dead-Mama Triednot rated4:11
2. Greateful Dead-Turn On Your Lovelightnot rated40:31
3. Equipment Failure & Stage Rapsnot rated9:39
4. Grateful Dead-Dark Starnot rated19:13
5. Grateful Dead-High Timenot rated6:05
Set 03
1. CCR-Born On The Bayounot rated5:23
2. Janis Joplin-Raise Your Handnot rated5:24
3. CCR-Green Rivernot rated3:01
4. Janis Joplin-As Good As You've Been To This Worldnot rated6:17
5. CCR- Ninety-Nine And A Halfnot rated3:13
6. Janis Joplin-To Love Somebodynot rated5:36
7. CCR- Bootlegnot rated3:21
8. Janis Joplin-Summertimenot rated5:30
9. CCR-Commotionnot rated2:35
10. Janis Joplin-Trynot rated4:48
11. CCR-Bad Moon Risingnot rated2:03
12. Janis Joplin-Kozmic Bluesnot rated5:54
13. CCR-Proud Marynot rated3:12
14. Janis Joplin-Can't Turn You Loosenot rated8:46
15. CCR-I Put A Spell On Younot rated4:06
16. Janis Joplin-Work Me Lordnot rated8:29
17. CCR-Night Time Is the Right Timenot rated2:08
18. Janis Joplin-Piece Of My Heartnot rated5:26
19. CCR-Keep On Chooglin'not rated8:57
20. Janis Joplin-Ball And Chainnot rated6:07
21. CCR-Suzy Qnot rated9:50
Set 04
1. Sly & The Family Stone-M'Ladynot rated0:32
2. The Who-Heaven And Hellnot rated0:15
3. Sly & The Family Stone-Sing A Simple Songnot rated7:01
4. The Who-I Can't Explainnot rated3:35
5. Sly & The Family Stone-You Can Make It If You Trynot rated5:17
6. The Who-It's A Boynot rated2:25
7. Sly & The Family Stone-Everyday People_Dance To The Musicnot rated5:34
8. The Who-1921not rated0:37
9. Sly & The Family Stone-Music Lovernot rated11:05
10. The Who-Amazing Journeynot rated2:30
11. Sly & The Family Stone-I Want To Take You Highernot rated10:55
12. The Who-Sparksnot rated8:54
13. Sly & The Family Stone-Love Citynot rated6:15
14. The Who-Eyesight To The Blindnot rated2:00
15. Sly & The Family Stone-Standnot rated3:11
16. The Who-Christmasnot rated3:16
17. The Who-Acid Queennot rated3:34
18. The Who-Pinball Wizardnot rated2:54
19. Abbie Hoffman Incidentnot rated0:32
20. The Who-Fiddle Aboutnot rated0:48
21. There's A Doctor I've Foundnot rated1:12
22. The Who-Go To The Mirror Boynot rated0:21
23. The Who-Smash The Mirrornot rated3:22
24. The Who-I'm Freenot rated1:05
25. The Who-Tommy's Holiday Campnot rated2:24
26. The Who-We're Not Gonna Take Itnot rated1:00
27. The Who-See Me Feel Menot rated9:04
28. The Who-Summertime Bluesnot rated3:32
29. The Who-Shakin' All Overnot rated5:22
30. The Who-My Generation_Naked Eyenot rated6:37
Set 05
1. Doctor Requestnot rated0:40
2. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Blackbirdnot rated2:46
3. Jefferson Airplane-The Other Side Of This Lifenot rated1:41
4. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Helplessly Hopingnot rated2:45
5. Joe Cocker-Something's Coming Onnot rated3:51
6. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Mr Soulnot rated5:04
7. Joe Cocker-Dear Landlordnot rated0:57
8. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Long Time Gonenot rated5:48
9. Country Joe & The Fish-Thing Called Lovenot rated3:03
10. Paul Butterfield Blues Band-All In A Daynot rated1:04
11. Country Joe & The Fish-Not So Sweet Martha Lorrainenot rated4:13
12. Paul Butterfield Blues Band-All My Love Comin' Through To Younot rated7:50
13. The Band-Chest Fevernot rated5:50
14. Paul Butterfield Blues Band-Drifting Bluesnot rated8:47
15. The Band-Baby, Don't Do Itnot rated4:00
16. Paul Butterfield Blues Band-Everything's Gonna Be Alrightnot rated9:10
17. The Band-Tears Of Ragenot rated5:36
18. Sha Na Na-Teen Angelnot rated3:17
19. The Band-We Can Talknot rated3:23
20. Sha Na Na-Wipe Outnot rated2:04
21. The Band-Don't You Tell Henrynot rated3:33
22. Sha Na Na-Who Wrote The Book Of Lovenot rated1:59
23. The Band-This Wheel's On Firenot rated3:51
24. Sha Na Na-Duke Of Earlnot rated2:13
25. Johnny Winter-Mama Talk To Your Daughternot rated0:51
26. Johnny Winter-Rock Me Babynot rated1:00
27. Blood, Sweat & Tear-More And Morenot rated2:55
28. Blood, Sweat & Tear-Something's Coming On_More Than You'll Ever Knownot rated9:54
29. Blood, Sweat & Tear-Spinning Wheelnot rated4:26
Set 06
1. Chip Monck Intronot rated3:55
2. Jimi Hendrix-Izabellanot rated8:59
3. Jimi Hendrix-Message To The Universenot rated7:54
4. Jimi Hendrix-Gypsy Womannot rated5:29
5. Jimi Hendrix-Getting My Heart Back Together Againnot rated11:52
6. Jimi Hendrix-Firenot rated3:50
7. Jimi Hendrix-Spanish Castle Magicnot rated9:17
8. Jimi Hendrix-Voodoo Chilenot rated12:29
9. Jimi Hendrix-Red Housenot rated9:18
10. Jimi Hendrix-Stepping Stonenot rated3:02
11. Jimi Hendrix-Master Mindnot rated3:28
12. Jimi Hendrix-Star Spangled Bannernot rated3:41
13. Jimi Hendrix-Here Comes Your Lover Mannot rated5:44
14. Jimi Hendrix-Purple Hazenot rated3:23
15. Jimi Hendrix-Foxy Ladynot rated6:03
16. Jimi Hendrix-Woodstock Improvisationnot rated4:58
17. Jimi Hendrix-Jam Back At The Housenot rated9:08
18. Jimi Hendrix-Villanova Junctionnot rated4:24
19. Jimi Hendrix-Hey Joenot rated5:51
20. Woodstock Farewellnot rated1:56

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