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Sometime in 2009, I ended up getting an LP from someone in the mail. I wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. I didn't have a record player and I wasn't even certain that they still made them... so I Googled it.

It turns out that not only do they still make turntables, they are not too expensive, and they now come with USB capabilities so that anything you play on your record player can be transferred directly into your computer or onto your iPod... how cool is that?

Since I had an excuse to buy one, I went shopping around on eBay and found one, brand new, that wouldn't break the bank.

When it arrived, I set it all up, plugged it in, and listened to the LP that I had received some weeks earlier.

I was ASTONISHED at the sound quality. It not only blew my MP3s away (as I expected it would) but it blew my CDs away too. Even coming out of a crappy pair of computer speakers, the depth and the warmth of the vinyl was undeniable... so of course I wanted more!

er.... I kind of got carried away!

Having had the epiphany that vinyl was superior in both sound and collectibility, and having realized that CDs were actually just crap (and not really worth all that much either...) I made the decision to sell all of mine and replace the stuff I really have a fondness for with vinyl.

There are still a few things I would like to get, but the list is shrinking regularly. Replacing all my CDs with vinyl, hasn't always been easy, though, since a lot of the stuff I love from the early to late 1990s was never even released on vinyl... or if it was it is outgrageously expensive due to the scarecity!

I have decided to keep those poor never-released-on-vinyl CDs (and I am slowly finding good deals on hard-to-get stuff)... but all the rest have got to go. Seriously: all they do is take up space and gather dust!

Here is a link to my other RackandTags account, where you can see all the CDs that I have that I want to sell... if you see anything you like, let me know. I will be happy to part with it for a fair price:

Or, if you want to see which albums and singles I decided I absolutely had to have on vinyl, feel free to browse through my vinyl collection here!

These are the songs, (albums and singles) that I just couldn't live without, as it were. (It's actually kind of cool that my 60 Gig iPod has only vinyl rips on it, LOL!)

(PS: suggestions are always welcome...if there is something that you think I ought to have that I haven't got... maybe I've never heard of it! Drop me a line!)

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