Saint Etienne (42 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Saint EtienneA Glimpse Of StockingLP11/23/2015**** 1/243:49
Saint EtienneA Good Thing 7"7" Single2005**** 1/28:25
Saint EtienneBurnt Out Car (7'' Vinyl)7" Single9/28/2008***7:26
Saint EtienneCamel Coat / Little Chef7" Single11/7/2018not rated
Saint EtienneContinental (2017 re-issue)LP1997**** 1/252:40
Saint EtienneContinental LPLP1997****55:27
Saint EtienneFilthy12" Single7/1991not rated10:36
Saint EtienneFinisterreLP2002**** 1/247:47
Saint EtienneFinisterre LPLP2002not rated47:43
Saint EtienneFoto Stat/Sylvie (Bronx Dogs Mixes) 12"12" Single1998****25:28
Saint EtienneFoxbase AlphaLP1991**** 1/248:22
Saint EtienneFoxbase Alpha UKLP9/1991**** 1/248:28
Saint EtienneFoxbase BetaLP2009**** 1/248:43
Saint EtienneGood HumorLP1998**** 1/243:39
Saint EtienneHome CountiesLP6/2/2017****56:19
Saint EtienneI Love To PaintLP1995**** 1/242:24
Saint EtienneI've Been Trying To Tell YouLP9/10/2021not rated
Saint EtienneInterlude LPLP2001not rated39:56
Saint EtienneKid Loco Mixes12" Single1998****19:03
Saint EtienneKiss and Make Up 12''12" Single1990**** 1/215:19
Saint EtienneKiss and Make Up 7"7" Single1990****7:07
Saint EtienneLike a Motorway 7"7" Single1994****
Saint EtienneLondon Conversations: The Best of Saint Etienne LPLP10/7/2008**** 1/21:08:56
Saint EtienneLover Plays the Bass 7"7" Single1999****7:01
Saint EtienneMethod of Modern Love 7"7" Single2009**** 1/27:04
Saint EtienneNice PriceLP2006**** 1/2
Saint EtienneOnly Love Can Break Your Heart12" Single8/1991**** 1/210:02
Saint EtiennePlaces To Visit12" EP1999**** 1/225:24
Saint EtienneShower Scene12" Single2002**** 1/212:31
Saint EtienneSide Streets 7"7" Single2005*** 1/25:26
Saint EtienneSo ToughLP1992****48:29
Saint EtienneSound Of WaterLP2000not rated42:45
Saint EtienneSound Of Water LPLP2000*** 1/242:49
Saint EtienneTales From Turnpike HouseLP2005not rated44:06
Saint EtienneTales From Turnpike House LPLP2005**** 1/244:39
Saint EtienneThe Misadventures Of Saint Etienne LPLP1999****44:06
Saint EtienneThis is Tomorrow 7"7" Single2007**** 1/28:46
Saint EtienneTiger BayLP1994not rated52:05
Saint EtienneTiger Bay (UK Edition)LP1994**** 1/246:10
Saint EtienneWords And Music By Saint EtienneLP5/21/2012***48:16
Saint EtienneXmas '11 7"EP7" Single12/2011****12:45
Saint EtienneYou Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone LPLP1993**** 1/249:06