The Field Mice (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Field MiceBurning World 7" Flexi7" Vinyl Flexi-Disc*** 1/26:05
The Field MiceEmma's House 7"7" Single1988**** 1/212:41
The Field MiceFor Keeps LPLP1991****51:27
The Field MiceI Can See Myself Alone Forever 7"7" Single1989*****7:43
The Field MiceMissing the Moon 12"12" Single1991**** 1/213:23
The Field MiceSensitive 7"7" Single1989*****10:19
The Field MiceSeptember's Not So Far Away 7"7" Single1991****6:37
The Field MiceSkywriting LPLP1990**** 1/234:26
The Field MiceSnowball10" LP1989**** 1/234:07
The Field MiceSo Said Kay10" EP1990**** 1/223:06
The Field MiceThe Autumn Store EP (Part 1)7" EP1990**** 1/27:24
The Field MiceThe Autumn Store EP (Part 2)7" EP1990**** 1/214:19