Peter Gabriel (46 albums, 2 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Peter Gabriel1986/87 World TourCDR - SHNnot rated
Peter GabrielAshcombe WorksCDR1980not rated1:10:56
Peter GabrielBirdyMP31985not rated35:36
Peter GabrielBirmingham '03CDR2003not rated2:29:21
Peter GabrielBook Of MemoriesCDR - SHN1991not rated
Peter GabrielChile '93CDR1993not rated1:11:54
Peter GabrielCleveland '87CDR1987not rated2:02:35
Peter GabrielDeutsches AlbumMP31982not rated45:50
Peter GabrielEin Deutsches AlbumMP31980not rated47:22
Peter GabrielHitMP32003not rated2:29:24
Peter GabrielHuman Rights Now - Oakland '88CDR1988not rated1:09:29
Peter GabrielI4Detail -PG01CDR - SHNnot rated1:13:14
Peter GabrielI4dPG01SHNnot rated3:30:13
Peter GabrielInside UpCDR - SHN2002not rated2:28:07
Peter GabrielLA 77CDR1977not rated1:04:56
Peter GabrielLive In AthensCDR - AUDIO1987not rated1:19:45
Peter GabrielLive In MontrealCDR1982not rated1:39:47
Peter GabrielLive In SeattleCDRnot rated1:30:26
Peter GabrielLong Walk Home: Music from the Rabbit-Proof FenceMP32002not rated58:53
Peter GabrielLost SoulsCDR - AUDIO1998not rated1:13:31
Peter GabrielMSG 11/21/2002CDR - SHN2002not rated2:26:03
Peter GabrielMUPPET 05CDR - SHNnot rated1:58:09
Peter GabrielMeeting At The ReadingCDR1979not rated1:13:17
Peter GabrielOVOMP32000not rated1:01:56
Peter GabrielOVO: The Millennium ShowMP32000not rated59:06
Peter GabrielPNC Arts Center, Holmdel - 06/20/2003CDR - SHN2003not rated2:14:35
Peter GabrielPassion: Music for The Last Temptation of ChristMP31989not rated1:06:59
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel I (Rainy Windshield)MP31977not rated41:41
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel II (Scratches)MP31978not rated42:20
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel III (Melt)MP31980not rated45:38
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel IV SecurityMP31982not rated46:10
Peter GabrielPictures Of PeopleCDR - SHNnot rated1:50:21
Peter GabrielPlays LiveMP31983not rated2:36:18
Peter GabrielPost ScriptCDR - AUDIOnot rated1:13:54
Peter GabrielRaritiesMP32006not rated5:44:29
Peter GabrielRotterdam 1977CDR1977not rated1:19:38
Peter GabrielSecret World LiveMP31994not rated1:39:50
Peter GabrielShock The RhythmCDR1982not rated1:42:01
Peter GabrielSoMP31986not rated45:46
Peter GabrielSound FruitCDR - AUDIO1997not rated1:09:56
Peter GabrielThe Angel And The Teddy OursCDR - AUDIO1978not rated1:05:45
Peter GabrielUpMP32002not rated1:06:38
Peter GabrielUsMP31992not rated57:48
Peter GabrielWOMAD Polo Field San Francisco CA 9-19-1993CDR - FLAC9/19/1993not rated1:01:14
Peter GabrielZurich '03CDR2003not rated2:29:59
Peter Gabrielpg2003-06-20.shnfSHNnot rated