Youssou N'Dour, Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel - Rarities

  • Release date: 2006
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 5:44:29
  • not rated
  • Added July 1, 2007


1. Biko [Live]-Peter Gabrielnot rated6:32
2. Shosholoza-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:16
3. Soft Dog-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:12
4. Across the Rivernot rated7:12
5. Walk Through The Fire-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:02
6. Sledgehammer [Extended Mix]-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:38
7. Don't Break this Rhythm-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:53
8. In Your Eyes [Special Mix]-Peter Gabrielnot rated7:18
9. Curtains-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:28
10. Ga Ga-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:33
11. In Your Eyes [Single Mix]-Peter Gabrielnot rated6:22
12. Out Out-Peter Gabrielnot rated7:05
13. Excellent Birds-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:18
14. Big Time [Extended Version]-Peter Gabrielnot rated6:14
15. No More Apartheid-Peter Gabrielnot rated7:13
16. Exposure-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:29
17. Here Comes The Flood-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:57
18. Big Time [Instrumental]-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:22
19. Games Without Frontiers [Live]-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:38
20. Digging in the Dirt [Instrumental]-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:10
21. Quiet Stream-Peter Gabrielnot rated6:25
22. Bashi-Bazouk-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:46
23. Games Without Frontiers [Massive/DB Mix]not rated5:19
24. Steam [Oh, Oh, Let Off Steam Mix 12"]not rated6:41
25. Steam [Oh, Oh, Let Off Steam Mix Dub]-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:44
26. Mercy Street [1993 Remix]-Peter Gabrielnot rated7:54
27. Blood of Eden [Special Mix for Wim Wenders' "Until the End of the World"]not rated6:40
28. Kiss That Frog [Edit]-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:20
29. Kiss That Frog [Mindbleander Mix Edit]-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:59
30. Shaking the Tree [Botrill Remix]-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:53
31. Digging in the Dirt [Rich E Mix]-Peter Gabrielnot rated7:27
32. Kiss That Frog [Mindblender Mix]-Peter Gabrielnot rated6:45
33. San Jacinto [Live]-Peter Gabrielnot rated8:25
34. Mercy Street [Live]-Peter Gabrielnot rated9:16
35. Animal Nation-Peter Gabrielnot rated7:21
36. Book Of Love-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:36
37. In the Sun-Peter Gabrielnot rated6:46
38. Feed the Flame-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:49
39. Little Light Of Love-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:52
40. Get Up, Stand Up-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:06
41. Strawberry Fields-Peter Gabrielnot rated2:31
42. Summertime-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:50
43. In Your Eyes [Live]-Peter Gabrielnot rated12:03
44. Taboo-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:22
45. Fisherman's Song-Peter Gabrielnot rated1:15
46. Party Man-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:40
47. This Dream-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:16
48. Suzanne-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:15
49. Seven Zero-Peter Gabrielnot rated1:07
50. Taste Of Lime-Peter Gabrielnot rated1:20
51. Nocturnals-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:48
52. That'll Do-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:52
53. While The Earth Sleeps-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:50
54. Ken And The Wheel-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:47
55. Wild-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:44
56. Signal to Noise [Alternate Version]-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:07
57. Sky Blue [Martin Bennet Remix]-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:16
58. When You're Falling-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:01
59. This Is The Road-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:36
60. 100 Days to Go-Peter Gabrielnot rated4:51
61. Darkness [Alternate Version]-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:04
62. I Grieve [Remix]-Peter Gabrielnot rated9:44
63. Signal to Noise [Instrumental]-Peter Gabrielnot rated7:39
64. The Time Of The Turning [Instrumental]-Peter Gabrielnot rated5:43
65. Washing Of The Water-Peter Gabrielnot rated3:52

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