David Bowie (152 albums, 7 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
David Bowie"Heroes"MP31977not rated47:24
David Bowie1.TokyoCDR - FLAC****2:10:03
David Bowie1969 - 1974 Rares Singles Outtakes & LiveMP3not rated1:08:22
David Bowie1971 Radio InterviewCDR - AUDIO1971***6:17
David Bowie40 Years To RealityCDR - SHN2004***7:53
David Bowie9.OutsidersCDR - AUDIO***52:56
David BowieA Cat From LondonCDR - AUDIO1992not rated1:06:03
David BowieA Night In LoreleyCDR - SHN1997****1:37:45
David BowieA Right Simone And Charly OutfitCDR - FLAC2004*****2:13:51
David BowieA Son Of The CircusCDR - FLAC*****2:06:42
David BowieA Sweet Thing In Los Angeles '74CDR - FLAC1974*****2:25:52
David BowieAbsolutely Outside Starting FiresCDR - SHN1996*****2:21:15
David BowieAdventures In CyberspaceCDR1998*****2:18:08
David BowieAfriaid Of CanadiansCDR - AUDIO2000not rated1:16:55
David BowieAin't My HometownCDR - FLAC2004*****58:51
David BowieAladdin SaneMP31973not rated55:27
David BowieAll Time ModelCDR - FLAC****1:41:03
David BowieAn Earthling In Buenos AiresCDR - FLAC***1:07:20
David BowieAnother StageCDR - FLAC1994*****2:02:30
David BowieAylesbury Friars ClubCDR - AUDIO1971****1:02:29
David BowieBBC 50th Birthday BroadcastCDR - FLACnot rated1:01:55
David BowieBBC AcousticCDR - AUDIO1987*****45:06
David BowieBaton RougeCDR - FLAC2000****1:40:19
David BowieBattlecries & ChampagneCDR - FLACnot rated2:25:26
David BowieBeauty Before OutrageCDR - FLAC**1:46:15
David BowieBlack Tie White NoiseMP31993not rated1:06:22
David BowieBorgata Kill AppealCDR - FLAC2004****4:28:18
David BowieBridge Benefit 96CDR - AUDIO1996*****1:10:04
David BowieChild's Hours Live 1999CDR2000*****1:33:14
David BowieChili Pepper 97CDR - FLAC****2:35:50
David BowieChristiane FMP31981not rated41:51
David BowieClass Of '74 Vol I: Los Angeles 4 SeptemberCDR - FLACnot rated1:21:26
David BowieClass Of '74 Vol II: New York 20 JulyCDR - FLAC***1:46:46
David BowieClass Of '74 Vol III: Los Angeles 2 SeptemberCDR - FLAC1974***1:43:11
David BowieClass Of '74 Vol IV: Atlanta 1 DecemberCDR - FLAC***1:16:20
David BowieCleveland '76CDR - FLAC1976*****1:44:34
David BowieComplete Dallas Rehearsals Vol. 1CDR1995*** 1/21:12:24
David BowieComplete Dallas Rehearsals Vol. 2CDR - AUDIO1995*****1:07:10
David BowieCrazed In The Hot ZoneCDR - FLAC1996****2:27:56
David BowieCrystal NightCDR2002***2:17:32
David BowieDame MeditiationCDR - FLAC1997**** 1/24:45:56
David BowieDancing On AngelsCDR - FLAC****4:37:43
David BowieDavid BowieMP31967not rated38:33
David BowieDavid Bowie En ChileCDR - FLAC****1:37:19
David BowieDavid LiveMP31974not rated1:30:27
David BowieDeranged PigsCDR1996****1:02:27
David BowieDiamond DogsMP31974not rated46:30
David BowieDrive In SaturdayCDR - FLAC1995*** 1/21:23:19
David BowieDublin 2003 Live PromoCDR - AUDIO2003****1:00:42
David BowieDuosMP32000not rated32:31
David BowieEarthlingMP31997not rated50:12
David BowieFreddi And The Dreamer: The Arnold Corns SessionsCDR - SHN****59:34
David BowieFrom A Phoenix ... The Ashes Shall RiseCDR - AUDIO1997****2:26:21
David BowieGod It's DarkCDR - FLAC1987****2:07:44
David BowieHappy Birthday Mr. BowieCDR - AUDIO1998*****2:08:41
David BowieHeathenMP32002not rated51:45
David BowieHer Androgynous Majesty Request & RequiresCDR2002**** 1/21:02:19
David BowieHoursMP31999not rated45:24
David BowieHunky DoryMP31971not rated1:04:34
David BowieJohn I'm Only DancingDVD8/19/1972*****
David BowieKooksCDR - AUDIO1992*****48:27
David BowieL DopaCDR - FLAC1997***2:23:14
David BowieL DopaFLACnot rated2:23:28
David BowieLabyrinthMP31986not rated43:42
David BowieLet's DanceMP31983not rated45:18
David BowieLife Is A CircusCDR - FLAC*****40:02
David BowieLife On The EdgeCDR - FLAC****32:07
David BowieLive At The Beacon Theater 10/20/02CDR - SHN2002****1:57:17
David BowieLive At The Capital BallroomCDR - FLAC****1:38:21
David BowieLive At The Capital BallroomFLACnot rated1:38:31
David BowieLive At The Kit Kat ClubCDR2000*****57:55
David BowieLive Atlantis, Paradise Island, Nassau, BahamasCDR - FLAC2003*****1:01:50
David BowieLive HateCDR - AUDIO1998****
David BowieLive In New York CityCDR1992***58:35
David BowieLodgerMP31979not rated46:23
David BowieLowMP31977not rated50:31
David BowieLuck Of The IrishCDR - FLAC2003****2:47:34
David BowieMaida Vale StudiosCDR - AUDIO2002*****56:50
David BowieMeltdown FestivalCDR - FLAC*****2:11:49
David BowieMilwaukee Theatre- 5/19/2004CDR - FLAC2004****2:12:01
David BowieMissingLinksOneZiggyCDR - AUDIO1996***1:13:16
David BowieMontreal ConnectionCDR - AUDIO1991****3:52:45
David BowieMusique PlusCDR2000*****48:31
David BowieMyths Masks & MakeupCDR - FLAC****49:30
David BowieNaked And WiredCDR - AUDIO1991****1:02:59
David BowieNeoexpressionismCDR1998****1:28:51
David BowieNever Let Me DownMP31987not rated1:05:43
David BowieNew York's A Go GoCDR - FLAC****2:14:02
David BowieNo Laughing Gnome StuCDR - FLAC2004*****2:12:55
David BowieNo ReligionCDR1995****1:49:55
David BowieOh! You Pretty ThingCDR - FLAC1997*****1:03:49
David BowieOlympia Bruno CoquatrixCDR - AUDIO2002*****1:37:13
David BowieOn AirCDR - SHN2003*****1:13:01
David BowieOpen The DogCDR - FLAC****1:47:19
David BowieOutsideMP31995not rated1:17:41
David BowieOutside In BudapestCDR - FLAC1998*****1:14:03
David BowieParis Au PrintempsCDR - AUDIO1991*****1:58:15
David BowiePin UpsMP31973not rated40:47
David BowiePlatinum CollectionMP32005not rated3:40:58
David BowiePut That Away...DVD2004*****
David BowieQuickliveCDR - FLAC****1:54:03
David BowieRealityMP32003not rated48:45
David BowieRehearsing Sound + VisionFLACnot rated1:07:27
David BowieRehearsing Sound + VisionCDR - FLAC**** 1/21:07:19
David BowieResurrectionCDR - FLAC*****2:46:52
David BowieResurrectionCDR - AUDIO*****2:46:52
David BowieRiverside Studios 9/8/2003CDR - SHN2003****1:07:23
David BowieRussell Harty Plus ProgramCDR - FLAC2004***21:00
David BowieSanta Monica '72MP31994not rated1:16:43
David BowieScary MonstersMP31980not rated59:10
David BowieSecond Reality In BirminghamCDR2003*****2:14:42
David BowieSerious MoonlightCDR1996**** 1/21:56:13
David BowieSimon Says QuicksandCDR - FLAC2004****2:26:35
David BowieSince Before You Were BornCDR2000***1:53:58
David BowieSound + VisionCDR1991*****1:46:00
David BowieSpace OddityMP31969not rated56:54
David BowieStageMP31978not rated1:16:36
David BowieStarman In SessionCDR - AUDIO1994****1:05:49
David BowieStation To StationMP31976not rated51:12
David BowieStill Hunky DoryCDR - FLAC****2:13:20
David BowieStrange FascinationFLACnot rated1:47:02
David BowieStrange FascinationCDR1990****1:35:59
David BowieStrange FascinationCDR - FLAC1990*****1:46:55
David BowieStruggling For RealityCDR - FLAC2004****2:24:37
David BowieSuffragette CityCDR - FLAC1990****1:14:14
David BowieTV RebellCDR - FLAC1967**6:57
David BowieTelling LiesCDR1996*****2:24:27
David BowieThat Damn CurfewCDR - FLAC2004****2:11:31
David BowieThe '76 Tour Tapes Vol.1CDR - FLAC***1:25:48
David BowieThe Axeman ComethCDR - AUDIO1998not rated1:12:56
David BowieThe Backyard - Austin TexasCDR - FLAC2004****2:19:37
David BowieThe Buddah Of SuburbiaMP31993not rated55:35
David BowieThe Chaos GirlsCDR - AUDIO1998*****2:22:58
David BowieThe Jean Genie Vol. 1CDR - AUDIO1993***51:24
David BowieThe Jean Genie Vol. 2CDR - AUDIO1993****1:14:40
David BowieThe Man Who Sold The WorldMP31970not rated54:00
David BowieThe Rise And Fall Of Ziggy StaMP31972not rated1:03:18
David BowieThe Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust Volume 1 And 2CDR - FLAC****2:09:00
David BowieThe Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust Volume 3 And 4CDR - FLAC2000*****1:50:09
David BowieThe Singles CollectionMP31993not rated2:30:54
David BowieTo Have And Not HaveCDR - FLAC*****43:46
David BowieTonightMP31984not rated43:12
David BowieToronto Reality 2004CDR - FLAC2004****2:12:39
David BowieTotally SeriousCDR - FLAC*****1:59:37
David BowieVa Va Va VoomCDR1998****1:13:59
David BowieVampires Of Human FleshCDR - AUDIO1994*****43:23
David BowieWe Can Be HeroesCDR - FLAC2001*****1:49:01
David BowieYoung AmericansMP31975not rated54:05
David BowieZiggy Goes To EastCDR - FLAC1973****1:17:54
David BowieZiggy Stardust Silent VideoDVD*** 1/2
David BowieZiggy Stardust The Motion PictMP31983not rated1:09:43
David BowieZiggy's Final Farewell 1973CDR - FLAC1973*****1:39:01