Elton John (36 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Elton John11-17-70 (remastered)CD1971not rated51:55
Elton John21 at 33CD1980not rated43:01
Elton JohnA Single Man (remastered)CD1978not rated1:09:43
Elton JohnBlue Moves (remastered)CD1976not rated1:24:51
Elton JohnBreaking HeartsCD1984not rated40:46
Elton JohnCaptain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy (Deluxe Edition)CD1975****2:17:24
Elton JohnCaribou (remastered)CD1974not rated1:04:13
Elton JohnDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player (remastered)CD1973not rated56:23
Elton JohnDuetsCD1993not rated1:14:39
Elton JohnElton John (remastered)CD1970not rated50:52
Elton JohnEmpty Sky (remastered)CD1969not rated55:16
Elton JohnGoodbye Yellow Brick Road (30th Anniversary Edition)2CD/DVD1973not rated1:29:52
Elton JohnHere & There (remastered)CD1976not rated2:19:54
Elton JohnHonky Chateau (remastered)CD1972not rated48:21
Elton JohnIce On FireCD1985not rated50:54
Elton JohnIn Loving Memory of Diana, Princess of WalesCD1997not rated8:11
Elton JohnJump Up! (remastered)CD1982not rated42:56
Elton JohnLeather JacketsCD1986not rated46:15
Elton JohnLegendary Covers As Sung by Elton JohnCD2006not rated27:39
Elton JohnLive In Australia (remastered)CD1987not rated1:13:46
Elton JohnMade In EnglandCD1995not rated52:44
Elton JohnMadman Across The Water (remastered)CD1971not rated45:20
Elton JohnPeachtree RoadCD2004not rated52:05
Elton JohnRare MastersCD1992not rated2:26:28
Elton JohnReg Strikes BackCD1988not rated41:58
Elton JohnRock Of The Westies (remastered)CD1975not rated53:07
Elton JohnSleeping With The PastCD1989not rated47:56
Elton JohnSongs From The West CoastCD2001not rated54:10
Elton JohnThe Big PictureCD1997not rated52:13
Elton JohnThe Captain & The Kid (B&N Exclusive Edition)CD2006not rated46:02
Elton JohnThe Diving Board (Deluxe Edition)CD/DVD2013not rated1:37:27
Elton JohnThe Fox (remastered)CD1981not rated45:49
Elton JohnThe OneCD1992not rated58:07
Elton JohnToo Low For ZeroCD1983not rated44:06
Elton JohnTumbleweed Connection (remastered)CD1971not rated1:00:11
Elton JohnVictim of LoveCD1979not rated35:53