Elton John
Rare Masters

Elton John - Rare Masters

  • Release date: 1992
  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 2:26:28
  • not rated
  • Added December 7, 2004


1. I've Been Loving Younot rated3:18
2. Here's To The Next Timenot rated3:11
3. Lady Samanthanot rated3:03
4. All Across The Havensnot rated2:53
5. It's Me That You Neednot rated4:04
6. Just Like Strange Rainnot rated3:47
7. Bad Side Of The Moonnot rated3:15
8. Rock And Roll Madonnanot rated4:20
9. Grey Sealnot rated3:37
10. Friendsnot rated2:24
11. Michelle's Songnot rated4:21
12. Seasonsnot rated3:57
13. Variation On Michelle's Song (A Day In The Country)not rated2:47
14. Can I Put You Onnot rated5:58
15. Honey Rollnot rated3:07
16. Variation On Friendsnot rated1:44
17. I Meant To Do My Work Today (A Day In The Country)not rated1:37
18. Four Moodsnot rated11:01
19. Seasons Reprisenot rated1:39
1. Madman Across The Waternot rated8:53
2. Into The Old Man's Shoesnot rated4:04
3. Rock Me When He's Gonenot rated5:03
4. Slavenot rated2:51
5. Skyline Pigeonnot rated3:53
6. Jack Rabbitnot rated1:52
7. Whenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again)not rated2:51
8. Let Me Be Your Carnot rated4:54
9. Screw You (Young Man's Blues)not rated4:44
10. Step Into Christmasnot rated4:30
11. Ho, Ho, Ho, Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmasnot rated4:06
12. Sick Citynot rated5:25
13. Cold Highwaynot rated3:27
14. One Day At A Timenot rated3:47
15. I Saw Her Standing Therenot rated3:50
16. House Of Cardsnot rated3:09
17. Planesnot rated4:18
18. Sugar On The Floornot rated4:33

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