Bill Nelson (112 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Bill NelsonA Catalogue Of ObsessionsCD1989not rated44:56
Bill NelsonA Half Nelson12" vinyl1982not rated27:58
Bill NelsonAcceleration7" vinyl1984not rated
Bill NelsonAcceleration7" vinyl1984not rated
Bill NelsonAfter The Satellite Sings (Reissue)CD2014not rated1:02:04
Bill NelsonAlbion Dream VortexCD2013not rated1:06:14
Bill NelsonAll That I RememberCD2016not rated1:13:09
Bill NelsonAnd We Fell Into A DreamCD2007not rated1:13:40
Bill NelsonAtom ShopCD1998not rated48:02
Bill NelsonBanal12" vinyl1981not rated
Bill NelsonBlip 2 (The Tremulous Doo-Wah-Diddy)5" CDr2013not rated1:02:09
Bill NelsonBlip!CD2013not rated57:22
Bill NelsonBlue Moons And Laughing GuitarsCD1992not rated56:49
Bill NelsonCaptain Future's Psychotronic CircusCD2010not rated1:03:54
Bill NelsonChamber Of Dreams (Music From The Invisible Exibition)CD1989not rated44:33
Bill NelsonChameleonCD2002not rated54:48
Bill NelsonChance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights2 x LP + 7" vinyl1987not rated
Bill NelsonChimeraLP1983not rated
Bill NelsonClocks & DialsCD2008not rated2:30:41
Bill NelsonConfessions Of A Hyperdreamer (My Secret Studio Volume II)CD1997not rated1:43:46
Bill NelsonCrimsworth (Flowers, Stones, Fountains And Flames)CD1995not rated1:02:07
Bill NelsonDas Kabinet / La Belle Et La BeteCD1989not rated1:09:31
Bill NelsonDo You Dream In Colour?7" vinyl1980not rated
Bill NelsonDreamland To StarboardCD2004not rated59:58
Bill NelsonEros Arriving (Double Pack)2 x 7" vinyl1982not rated
Bill NelsonFables And DreamsongsCD2010not rated1:06:44
Bill NelsonFan Club EP 17" vinyl1982not rated
Bill NelsonFan Club EP 27" vinyl1982not rated
Bill NelsonFan Club EP 37" vinyl1983not rated
Bill NelsonFan Club EP 47" vinyl1983not rated
Bill NelsonFan Club EP 57" vinyl1984not rated
Bill NelsonFancy PlanetsCD2009not rated1:04:12
Bill NelsonFantasmatronCD2011not rated1:08:04
Bill NelsonFlaming Desire12" vinyl1982not rated
Bill NelsonGetting The Holy Ghost Across12" vinyl1986not rated
Bill NelsonGetting The Holy Ghost Across2 x CD2013not rated1:30:58
Bill NelsonGetting The Holy Ghost Across (On A Blue Wing)CD2006not rated1:19:23
Bill NelsonGiants Of The Perpetual Wurlitzer (Fan Club EP 6)7" vinyl1984not rated
Bill NelsonGleaming Without LightsCD2007not rated1:06:40
Bill NelsonGolden Melodies Of TomorrowCD2008not rated1:17:27
Bill NelsonHere Comes Mr MercuryCD2009not rated1:02:19
Bill NelsonIlluminated At DuskCD2008not rated1:14:56
Bill NelsonJoy Through AmplificationCD2012not rated1:06:57
Bill NelsonLiving For The Spangled Moment12" vinyl1986not rated
Bill NelsonLoom (Astroloops Volume Two)CD2015not rated40:50
Bill NelsonMap Of DreamsCD1989not rated44:38
Bill NelsonMazda KaleidoscopeCD2008not rated1:10:51
Bill NelsonModel VillageCD2011not rated49:00
Bill NelsonModern Moods For Mighty AtomsCD2010not rated1:04:48
Bill NelsonMy Secret Studio (Vol 1)4 x CD1995not rated3:57:34
Bill NelsonNew Northern DreamCD2016not rated1:04:50
Bill NelsonNon-Stop Mystery ActionCD2009not rated1:03:56
Bill NelsonNorthern DreamLP2012not rated
Bill NelsonOn A Blue WingLP1986not rated47:27
Bill NelsonOrpheus In UltralandCD2005not rated1:14:02
Bill NelsonPavillions Of The Heart And SoulCD1989not rated42:09
Bill NelsonPedalscopeCD2014not rated1:14:52
Bill NelsonPerfect MonstersCD2016not rated48:31
Bill NelsonPermanent Flame (The Beginners Guide To Bill Nelson)5 x 7" Box Set1983not rated
Bill NelsonPicture PostCD2010not rated59:36
Bill NelsonPlectrajet (Painting With Guitars Volume Two)CD2015not rated1:09:00
Bill NelsonQuiet BellsCD2015not rated1:03:35
Bill NelsonQuit Dreaming And Get On The BeamCD1989not rated56:25
Bill NelsonQuit Dreaming And Get On The Beam / Sounding The Ritual Echo2 x LP1981not rated
Bill NelsonReturn To Jazz Of LightsCD2006not rated55:19
Bill NelsonReturn To Tomorrow (These Tapes Rewind: Volume One)CD2012not rated1:16:16
Bill NelsonRosewood Volume OneCD2005not rated57:21
Bill NelsonRosewood Volume TwoCD2005not rated52:10
Bill NelsonSavage Gestures For Charms SakeCD1989not rated21:50
Bill NelsonSavage Gestures For Charms SakeLP1983not rated
Bill NelsonSecret Club For Members OnlyCD2007not rated1:10:26
Bill NelsonShining ReflectorCD2014not rated55:16
Bill NelsonSignals From Realms Of LightCD2011not rated1:08:36
Bill NelsonSilvertone FountainsCD2008not rated56:08
Bill NelsonSimplexCD1990not rated1:00:57
Bill NelsonSongs For Ghosts2 x CD2017not rated2:06:32
Bill NelsonSongs Of The Blossom Tree OptimistsCD2011not rated56:33
Bill NelsonSounding The Ritual Echo (Atmospheres For Dreaming)CD1989not rated42:41
Bill NelsonSounding The Ritual Echo (Atmospheres For Dreaming)LP6/1985not rated
Bill NelsonStereo Star MapsCD2014not rated1:10:59
Bill NelsonSwoons And LevitationsCD2015not rated58:02
Bill NelsonThe Alchemical Adventures Of Sailor BillCD2005not rated1:00:27
Bill NelsonThe Cote D'Azure EP (Fan Club EP 7)7" vinyl1986not rated
Bill NelsonThe Dream Transmission PavilionCD2009not rated1:17:17
Bill NelsonThe Dreamshire Chronicles2 x CD2012not rated2:03:35
Bill NelsonThe Last Of The Neon CynicsCD2012not rated47:12
Bill NelsonThe Love That Whirls (Diary Of A Thinking Heart) / La Belle Et La Bete2 x LP1982not rated
Bill NelsonThe Love That Whirls (Diary Of A ThinkingHeart)CD1989not rated51:47
Bill NelsonThe Palace Of Strange VoltagesCD2012not rated1:14:39
Bill NelsonThe Sparkle Machine (Several Sustained Moments)CD2013not rated1:11:45
Bill NelsonThe Strangest Things: A Collection of Recordings 1979-1989CD1989not rated49:26
Bill NelsonThe Summer Of God's PianoCD1984not rated49:54
Bill NelsonThe YearsCD2015not rated42:34
Bill NelsonTheatre Of Falling LeavesCD2009not rated1:11:19
Bill NelsonTrial By Intimacy (Reissue)4 x CD2012not rated3:01:40
Bill NelsonTrial By Intimacy (The Book Splendours)4 x LP1984not rated
Bill NelsonTripping The Light Fantastic (Solo & Live In Concert 2016)CD2017not rated1:05:57
Bill NelsonWhat Now, What Next?2 x CD1998not rated1:24:46
Bill NelsonWhimsy2 x CD2003not rated2:25:53
Bill NelsonWhistling While The World TurnsCD2000not rated56:10
Bill NelsonWildest Dreams12" vinyl1986not rated
Bill NelsonYouth Of Nation On Fire7" vinyl1981not rated
Bill NelsonYouth Of Nation On Fire (Double Pack)2 x 7" vinyl1981not rated
Bill Nelson's Orchestra ArcanaIconographyCD1986not rated45:11
Bill Nelson's Orchestra ArcanaOptimismCD1988not rated43:38
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseFurniture Music7" vinyl1979not rated
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseRevolt Into Style7" vinyl1979not rated
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseSound On SoundLP1979**
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseSound-On-SoundCD1989***45:16
CulturemixCulturermix With Bill NelsonCD1995not rated45:36
Orchestra ArcanaSex - Psyche - Etc12" vinyl1985not rated
ScalaSecret Ceremony12" vinyl1987not rated