Bill Nelson
Clocks & Dials

Bill Nelson - Clocks & Dials

  • Release date: 2008
  • Format: CD
  • Duration: 2:30:41
  • not rated
  • Added May 9, 2013


Disc One
1. Thunder Heralds The Fairylight Paradenot rated4:10
2. Mystery Vortex (Oberon Touchstone)not rated6:03
3. Test Cardnot rated4:26
4. Clear Skies A' Comingnot rated2:05
5. Rain Made Us Shinenot rated4:00
6. Music For A Victorian Steam Cottagenot rated2:13
7. A Town Called Blue Tomorrownot rated5:20
8. Searching For An Island Off The Coast Of Dreamsnot rated3:53
9. Signals From Earthnot rated6:18
10. Frankie Surfs The Milky Waynot rated4:15
11. I Travel At Nightnot rated5:49
12. Just A Kid And All That Skynot rated3:28
13. Rain Falls Fast On Faded Ruinnot rated4:02
14. Artismo Loconot rated1:42
15. Dynatron Bluesnot rated2:47
16. No Time Says The Clock (Version 1)not rated3:03
17. How Many Miles To Babylonnot rated3:22
18. The Rainiest Day In The Worldnot rated5:05
19. Twang Rings Truenot rated4:08
Disc Two
1. The Phonograph Birdnot rated4:48
2. The Experimental Time Travellernot rated3:25
3. Dig The Sparklesnot rated5:15
4. The Golden Roundabout Rides Againnot rated4:13
5. Mellophonianot rated3:34
6. Electric Trains, Clean Oceans, Clear Skies, Pure Airnot rated4:33
7. Yonder Gleams Your Starnot rated2:58
8. Cinnamon And Mintnot rated3:41
9. The Marvellous Model Kitnot rated3:33
10. Curate's Egg In Cup Of Grassnot rated2:53
11. Rocket Billy Bluesnot rated2:12
12. Distant Years From Nownot rated5:09
13. A Certain Thought Passed Through My Mindnot rated4:41
14. Oh Moon In The Night I Have Seen Thee Sailingnot rated4:28
15. Clocks Wind Slownot rated3:29
16. Strange And Wonderfull (That's My Life)not rated2:51
17. A Million Moonlight Milesnot rated4:13
18. The Silver Darkness Whispers Yesnot rated4:31
19. No Time Says The Clock (Version 2)not rated3:47

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