Bill Nelson
Trial By Intimacy (Reissue)

Bill Nelson - Trial By Intimacy (Reissue)

  • Release date: 2012
  • Format: 4 x CD
  • Duration: 3:01:40
  • not rated
  • Added July 14, 2016


Disc One: The Summer Of God's Pi
1. Antennae Twonot rated0:45
2. Transmission (NBC 97293)not rated3:49
3. The Sleep Of Hollywoodnot rated1:40
4. The Celestial Bridegroomnot rated2:58
5. Under The Red Archnot rated3:09
6. Orient Pearlnot rated2:25
7. Sacramentnot rated2:45
8. Falling Blossomsnot rated3:01
9. The Difficulty Of Beingnot rated0:53
10. Zanoninot rated2:03
11. The Chinese Nightingalenot rated1:23
12. Tantranot rated1:30
13. Soon September (Another Enchantment)not rated1:49
14. Rural Shiresnot rated2:49
15. Perfidio Incantonot rated1:18
16. The Lost Yearsnot rated2:28
17. The Charm Of Transmitnot rated3:44
18. Night Thoughts (Twilight Radio)not rated1:29
19. Wysterianot rated0:41
20. Swingnot rated2:30
21. Snowfallnot rated2:04
22. Realm Of Dusknot rated3:02
23. Over Oceannot rated1:29
Disc Two: Chamber Of Dreams (Mus
1. The Blazing Memory Of Innuendonot rated2:16
2. Into The Luminous Futurenot rated2:16
3. A Dip In The Swimming Pool Reactornot rated2:35
4. Tomorrowland (The Threshold Of 1947)not rated3:13
5. Listening To Lizardsnot rated2:28
6. Endless Torsionnot rated2:03
7. My Sublime Perversionnot rated1:24
8. Eros In Autumnnot rated1:16
9. Sleeplessnessnot rated6:11
10. The Latest Skylinenot rated1:18
11. Train Of Thoughtnot rated3:26
12. Parks And Fountains, Clouds And Treesnot rated2:55
13. The Golden Boughnot rated3:38
14. Forever Orpheusnot rated1:47
15. In Arcadianot rated2:14
16. Sentimentalnot rated2:02
17. Autumn Firesnot rated2:20
18. Wild Blue Yondernot rated1:05
Disc Three: Pavilions Of The Hea
1. Gift Of The August Tidenot rated2:38
2. Loving Tonguesnot rated4:04
3. Blue Nudenot rated1:35
4. In The Realm Of Bellsnot rated2:10
5. Your Nebulous Smilenot rated2:42
6. The Glance Of A Glittering Strangernot rated1:24
7. Another Kiss For Your Slender Necknot rated2:07
8. The Warmth Of Women's Eyesnot rated1:22
9. Seduction (Ritual With Roses)not rated2:47
10. Dreamed Embracesnot rated0:49
11. Herself With Her Shadownot rated0:28
12. The Exquisite Corpsenot rated0:53
13. Ardent Handsnot rated1:04
14. Her Laughing Torsonot rated0:53
15. Migrating Angelsnot rated1:23
16. Les Amoureuxnot rated2:48
17. Meshes Of The Afternoonnot rated0:56
18. Mountains Of The Heartnot rated2:06
19. Willow Silknot rated2:12
20. Tender Encounters (State Of Grace)not rated1:53
21. Melancholianot rated2:49
22. The Eternal Femalenot rated2:58
Disc Four: A Catalogue Of Obsess
1. Sex Party Sixnot rated4:44
2. Wider Windows For The Walls Of The Worldnot rated2:15
3. Time In Tokyonot rated3:04
4. Happily Addicted To Younot rated1:02
5. Snakes With Wingsnot rated2:09
6. The Boy Pilots Of Bangkoknot rated2:28
7. Erotikonnot rated1:49
8. Birds In Two Hemispheresnot rated1:45
9. Windmills In A World Without Windnot rated2:23
10. Love's First Kissnot rated1:41
11. Initiation Of The Heart's Desirenot rated2:00
12. Edge Of Tearsnot rated1:48
13. Test Of Affectionnot rated2:27
14. Words Across Tablesnot rated1:49
15. A Promise Of Perfumenot rated3:09
16. This Dangerous Agenot rated2:05
17. The Glass Breakfastnot rated1:53
18. Talk Techniquenot rated2:11
19. The Last Summer For Dancingnot rated2:10
20. View From A Balconynot rated1:56

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