Yes (13 albums)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
YesClose To The Edge1972not rated37:44
YesClose to the Edge1973not rated37:46
YesEstival Jazz Lugano 20042004not rated2:05:24
YesFragile1972not rated40:52
YesGoing For The One1977not rated38:39
YesRelayer1974not rated40:29
YesTales From Topographic Oceans1973***1:21:09
YesThe BBC Recordings 1969-1970 Something's Comingnot rated1:36:11
YesThe Yes Album1971not rated41:29
YesTormato / Relayernot rated1:19:45
YesYessongs1973not rated2:09:04
YesYesyears1991not rated4:51:23