Jimi Hendrix (28 albums)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Jimi HendrixAre You Experienced And More1975not rated1:42:42
Jimi HendrixAtlanta Pop Festival 70-07-041970not rated2:17:31
Jimi HendrixBBC Sessions1998not rated1:47:37
Jimi HendrixBacking Tracksnot rated49:12
Jimi HendrixBurning Desire2006not rated1:05:42
Jimi HendrixDante's Inferno, The Major Charles Washington Collection Vol.21999not rated1:14:38
Jimi HendrixDe Lane Demos Olympic Outsnot rated1:10:37
Jimi HendrixElectric Ladyland Sessionsnot rated1:34:03
Jimi HendrixFirst Rays Of The New Rising Sun1997*** 1/21:09:36
Jimi HendrixHouston '69not rated13:50
Jimi HendrixLive At Clark University1999not rated1:10:36
Jimi HendrixLive At The Isle Of Fehmarnnot rated1:11:37
Jimi HendrixLive At The Oakland Coliseum1998not rated1:24:31
Jimi HendrixLive At Woodstock1970not rated1:36:37
Jimi HendrixLive at Berkeley : 1st show1970not rated1:16:02
Jimi HendrixLoose Ends1989not rated35:21
Jimi HendrixMessage From Nine To The Universe2006not rated1:17:59
Jimi HendrixOld Time1970not rated2:22:34
Jimi HendrixRainbow Bridge Concert - Early Shownot rated46:28
Jimi HendrixRainbow Bridge Concert - Late Shownot rated38:25
Jimi HendrixRiots In Berkeley1970not rated1:18:34
Jimi HendrixSmash Hitsnot rated40:03
Jimi HendrixSotheby's Auction Tapes1994not rated1:02:00
Jimi HendrixThe Psychedelic Voodoo Child1989not rated1:07:06
Jimi HendrixThe Summer of Love Sessions2001not rated54:33
Jimi HendrixUnsurpassed Masters1970not rated5:38:10
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland****1:15:27
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Church Musicnot rated41:49