Cake (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
CakeWestwood One - In The ZoneCDR - FLAC*****21:40
CakeTelluride Bluegrass FestivalCDR - FLAC****1:19:32
CakeProlonging The MagicMP31998not rated48:15
CakePressure ChiefMP32004not rated36:10
CakePalace Theater - Louisville, KY - February 5, 2002CDR - SHN2002****1:32:59
CakeMotorcade Of GenerosityMP31994not rated43:09
CakeLive At Stubb'sCDR - FLAC****1:19:45
CakeFashion NuggetMP31996not rated48:12
CakeAustin City Limits Music FestivalCDR - SHN2004****1:07:22
Cake2007 - B-Sides & RaritiesMP32007not rated40:21
Cake2001 Comfort EagleMP32001not rated36:54