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Welcome to the Birdienumnums Music on-line catalog!

We have only recently started listing our inventory.... we still have about 1000 CDs to go at any given time ...but this should give you a good idea of what we have.

Who are we? We are a group of friends living and working in Taiwan. Up until recently, we all had the bad habit of buying too many CDs... so we decided to gather them together and list them all for sale. Nearly all of the items we have come from private collections, so we usually only have 1 copy of most items. In some rare cases we do have 2.

Of course, just because we have stopped buying CDs for ourselves doesn't mean we don't love music as much as ever... we've just decided to switch back to vinyl! now we're buying too many LPs for ourselves! LOL!

All of the CDs listed here are available for sale. Feel free to look around our Racks and Tags and find anything you like.

If there is anything you want that you see here, even if it isn't listed for sale in our stores on Discogs or Music Stack, just let us know.

Offer a fair price and it's yours!

This means, of course, that although a few dollars is fair for something common like Prince's "Purple Rain" on CD, we won't accept anything too far below market value for rare items that are long out of print and not likely to get reprinted... say, an original issue CD on the Sarah Records label.

We would be happy to arrange to sell you anything you like. We accept payment via PayPal through Discogs and MusicStack, and our worldwide shipping rates are very low (see below). For residents of Taiwan, we only accept payments via ATM.

If you would like to save some money, and just buy from us here on Racks and Tags, then we will give you a 10% discount off the price listed on Discogs or MusicStack, but we request that you pay via a certified check, or well-concealed cash. (There is simply too much fraud risk with PayPal if we are selling outside a system like MusicStack, Discogs or EvilBay: so this is not negotiable.)

If you would like to contact us, you can either drop us a line here:

birdienumnums1-music (at) yahoo (dot) com

...or you can reach us via Discogs or MusicStack.


and here:

We like both sites very very much. There really isn't any reason for us to prefer one over the other, except that Discogs has a lower commission. This means that if you don't want to deal with us directly via e-mail, and you would like to buy something from one of our on-line stores, we would have to suggest Discogs as our first choice.

Anything that you see here (unless it has been sold) can be purchased from us via Discogs, even if it you don't see it listed there. Just go to Discogs and drop us a note to let us know what you want, and we will be happy to arrange to sell it to you via Discogs.

Enjoy! Thanks for looking!

Birdienumnums Music, Taiwan

S H I P P I N G - R A T E S (as of January 2012)

Here is a rough idea of our shipping costs as of January 2012. These prices are valid for every country in the world except residents of the Antarctic... you folks will need a special shipping quote! ;)

Since, we store most of our CDs securely without jewel cases to minimize our storage space, we also ship them this way unless you request a jewel case. Shipping without jewel cases cuts down on the postage, so most people prefer it.

Unfortunately, digipacks cannot be removed, so they count as "CD with case".

All our CDs are shipped by registered mail.

Up to 2 CDs shipped Registered Airmail - $8.50 USD (without Jewel Cases)

3 or 4 CDs Shipped Registered Airmail - $10.50 USD (without Jewel Cases)

5 or 6 CD Shipped Registered Airmail - $12.50 USD (without Jewel Cases)

7 or 8 CDs Shipped Registered Airmail - $14.50 (without Jewel Cases)

If you buy more than 8, we will get you a personalized shipping quote.

Prices for CDs in Digipacks or with Jewel case:

1 CD shipped Registered Airmail - $8.50 USD (with case)

2 CDs shipped Registered Airmail - $10.50 USD (with cases)

3 CDs Shipped Registered Airmail - $12.50 USD (with cases)

4 CDs Shipped Registered Airmail - $14.50 USD (with cases)

If you buy more than 4 CDs in cases, we will get you a personalized shipping quote.


For every CD that you buy that is shipped with a jewel case, we can also add 1 CD without a case to the package at no additional shipping cost.

VINYL Shipping costs

Standard 12" vinyl shipped Registered Airmail $16.00 (each extra add $2.00).
Standard 7" vinyl shipped Registered Airmail $6.50 (each extra add $1.00).
Heavier vinyl may cost an extra $1 or $2. We will indicate on your invoice if it is a heavy album. 180gr vinyl is considered "heavy".
Double albums count as 2, so expect to add $2.00 please.
Irregular items (like box sets) will require an individualized shipping quote.

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