Coil (60 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Coil...and the ambulance died in his armsCD4/2005*** 1/21:03:20
CoilA Guide For Finishers - A Golden HairCD2001****58:05
CoilA Guide for Beginners: A Silver VoiceCD2001****1:15:22
CoilANSCD+DVD9/2004*** 1/23:13:02
CoilAstral DisasterCD1/2000**** 1/21:12:22
CoilAstral DisasterLP2000not rated49:58
CoilAutumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers7"1998not rated16:17
CoilAutumn Equinox: Amethyst DeceiversMCD1998not rated23:34
CoilBlack AntlersCDR2004not rated50:25
CoilBorn Again PagansMCD1994not rated21:35
CoilConstant Shallowness Leads to EvilCD2000not rated1:01:43
CoilGold Is The Metal (With The Broadest Shoulders)LP1987not rated45:09
CoilGold Is The Metal (With The Broadest Shoulders)CD1987not rated50:38
CoilGold Is The Metal (With The Broadest Shoulders)LP+7"1987not rated47:52
CoilGold is the Metal "Returning to the Purity of the Current"CD1996not rated50:38
CoilHellraiser ThemesMCD1990not rated17:20
CoilHorse RotorvatorLP1986not rated45:53
CoilHorse RotorvatorCD1988not rated49:15
CoilHow To Destroy Angels12"1984not rated16:28
CoilHow To Destroy Angels (Remixes And Re-Recordings)CD1992not rated55:21
CoilLive Four - Prague/ViennaCD2002not rated1:19:43
CoilLive Three - Bologna - April 6th 2002CD3/31/2003not rated1:15:02
CoilLove's Secret DomainLP1991not rated45:58
CoilLove's Secret DomainCD1991not rated1:00:39
CoilMusick To Play In The DarkĀ²LP2000not rated
CoilMusick to play in the dark 22LPnot rated
CoilMusick to play in the dark vol. 1CD1999****1:00:00
CoilMusick to play in the dark vol. 2CD2000not rated56:56
CoilPanic / Tainted Love12"1985not rated15:57
CoilPlastic Spider ThingCD8/2002not rated1:08:18
CoilPortoCD2003not rated1:06:13
CoilQueens of the Circulating Library (pink sleeve)CD2001not rated49:26
CoilQueens of the Circulating Library (white sleeve)CD2001not rated49:26
CoilScatologyLP1984not rated41:24
CoilScatologyCD1988not rated55:04
CoilSelvaggina, Go Back into the WoodsCDR7/25/2004not rated1:04:57
CoilSpring Equinox: Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet Skull7"3/1998not rated16:40
CoilSpring Equinox: Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet SkullMCD3/1998not rated16:40
CoilStolen And Contaminated SongsCD1992not rated1:02:04
CoilSummer Solstice: Bee Stings7"1998not rated10:50
CoilSummer Solstice: Bee StingsMCD1998not rated24:01
CoilThe Angelic ConversationCD1994not rated1:10:00
CoilThe Ape Of NaplesCD12/2005not rated1:05:34
CoilThe Remote ViewerCDR2002****48:43
CoilThe SnowEP1991not rated35:39
CoilThe Snow - DJ Promo Release -12"1991not rated15:11
CoilThe Snow - Promo Release -EP1991not rated35:39
CoilTime MachinesCD1/1998not rated1:13:32
CoilTime Machines2LP1998*****1:13:32
CoilUnnatural HistoryCD1990not rated57:16
CoilUnnatural History IIICD1997not rated1:15:23
CoilWindowpaneMCD1990not rated17:04
CoilWindowpanePic1990not rated
CoilWindowpane12"1990*** 1/211:25
CoilWindowpane & The SnowCD1995not rated52:44
CoilWinter Solstice: North7"1999not rated12:22
CoilWinter Solstice: NorthMCD1/1999not rated25:00
CoilWorship the GlitchCD1995not rated53:56
CoilWorship the GlitchCD1995not rated53:56