Plastic Spider Thing

Coil - Plastic Spider Thing

  • Release date: 8/2002
  • Format: CD
  • Category: Electronica
  • Duration: 1:08:18
  • not rated
  • Added May 29, 2004


1. Every Spider Needs At Least One Victimnot rated2:54
2. The Spider Has To Paralyse The Victimnot rated2:53
3. The Victim Is Without Will From This Moment Onnot rated5:00
4. The Spider Now Takes The Victim To Undress Himnot rated9:05
5. When The Victim Is Undressed, The Spider Sets Him In The Desired Positionnot rated5:39
6. Now The Spider Cocons The Victim, Meaning The Spider Wraps The Victim In Plasticnot rated5:39
7. When The Cocoon Is Finished The Spider Watches The Victim: His Artwork Is Donenot rated4:37
8. The Spider Now Sucks Out The Victimnot rated7:47
9. The Spider Got What He Wantednot rated2:44
10. Hello Victim! Awake! The Victim Gets Back His Freedomnot rated2:37
11. All This Has Always To Be Filmednot rated7:35
12. There Is Always A Soundtracknot rated6:31
13. More Photographs And Polaroids Are Good!not rated5:13

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