Tierney Sutton (9 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Tierney Sutton BandThe Sting VariationsCD2016****1:06:55
Tierney SuttonAfter BlueMP32013**** 1/257:54
Tierney SuttonBlue In GreenCD2001not rated1:02:34
Tierney SuttonDancing In The DarkCD2004not rated55:02
Tierney SuttonParis SessionsMP32014not rated52:15
Tierney SuttonSomething CoolCD2002***1:04:17
Tierney SuttonUnsung HeroesCD2009**** 1/257:25
Tierney Sutton BandAmerican RoadCD2011*****1:01:14
Tierney Sutton BandI'm With the BandM4A2005not rated1:01:17