Dream Theater (67 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Dream TheaterA Change Of SeasonsCD1995****57:33
Dream TheaterA Dramatic Turn Of Events (Deluxe Edition)CD/DVD2011not rated2:17:04
Dream TheaterAwakeCD1994*** 1/21:15:00
Dream TheaterBlack Clouds & Silver Linings (Special Edition)CD2009*** 1/23:16:42
Dream TheaterBreaking The Fourth Wall (Live from Boston Opera House)Blu-ray/3CD2014not rated5:17:35
Dream TheaterChaos In Motion (Deluxe Collector's Edition)2DVD/3CD2008not rated8:04:08
Dream TheaterDistance Over Time (Limited Edition Artbook)2CD/Blu-ray/DVD2019not rated4:03:49
Dream TheaterDistant Memories: Live In London (Limited Deluxe Edition Artbook)3CD/2DVD/2Blu-ray2020not rated7:29:19
Dream TheaterDream Theater (Deluxe Edition)CD/DVD2013not rated2:16:10
Dream TheaterFalling Into InfinityCD1997****1:18:17
Dream TheaterFan Club CD 1999 - Cleaning Out The ClosetCD1999****1:01:02
Dream TheaterFan Club CD 2000 - Scenes From A World TourCD2000not rated56:04
Dream TheaterFan Club CD 2001 - Four Degrees Of Radio EditsCD2001not rated19:52
Dream TheaterFan Club CD 2002 - Taste The MemoriesCD2002not rated1:19:53
Dream TheaterFan Club CD 2003 - Graspop Festival 2002CD2003not rated1:17:11
Dream TheaterFan Club CD 2004 - A Sort Of HomecomingCD2004not rated1:15:47
Dream TheaterImages And WordsCD1992**** 1/257:06
Dream TheaterImages And Words: Live In Tokyo / 5 Years In A LIVEtimeDVD2004not rated
Dream TheaterLieCD1994not rated22:15
Dream TheaterLie (promo)CD1994not rated5:01
Dream TheaterLifting Shadows (Book Companion CD)CD2007not rated1:15:20
Dream TheaterLive At BudokanDVD2004not rated
Dream TheaterLive At BudokanCD2004not rated2:45:46
Dream TheaterLive At Luna Park (Deluxe Edition Box Set)2DVD/Blu-ray/3CD2013not rated10:35:14
Dream TheaterLive At The MarqueeCD1993not rated46:57
Dream TheaterLive Scenes From New YorkCD2001not rated3:07:31
Dream TheaterMetropolis 2000: Scenes From New YorkDVD2001*****
Dream TheaterMetropolis Pt.2: Scenes From A MemoryCD1999*****1:17:12
Dream TheaterOctavariumCD2005not rated1:15:46
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Awake Demos 1994CD2006not rated1:17:06
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Bucharest, Romania 7/4/02DVD2007not rated
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Dark Side Of The MoonDVD2006not rated
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Dark Side Of The MoonCD2006not rated1:29:35
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Falling Into Infinity Demos 1996-1997CD2007not rated2:20:22
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Images And Words Demos 1989-1991CD2005not rated2:22:11
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Los Angeles, California - 5/18/98CD2003not rated2:26:39
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Made In JapanCD2007not rated1:19:39
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Master Of PuppetsCD2004not rated57:53
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: New York City 3/4/93CD2007not rated1:59:47
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Old Bridge, New Jersey 12/14/96CD2006not rated2:09:17
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Santiago, Chile 12/5/05DVD2009not rated
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: The Majesty Demos 1985-1986CD2003not rated1:17:29
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: The Making Of Scenes From A MemoryCD2003not rated2:36:32
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: The Making of Falling Into InfinityCD2009not rated1:16:05
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: The Number Of The BeastCD2005not rated45:46
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Tokyo, Japan - 10/28/95CD2004not rated2:20:15
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Train Of Thought Instrumental Demos 2003CD2009not rated1:07:14
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: Uncovered 2003-2005CD2009not rated1:04:24
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: When Dream And Day ReuniteCD2005not rated1:17:41
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: When Dream And Day ReuniteDVD2005not rated
Dream TheaterOfficial Bootleg: When Dream And Day Unite DemosCD2004not rated2:26:27
Dream TheaterOnce In A LIVEtimeCD1998***2:34:19
Dream TheaterRoad To WembleyDVD2009not rated1:39:00
Dream TheaterScore: 20th Anniversary World Tour - Live with The Octavarium OrchestraDVD2006not rated2:37:07
Dream TheaterScore: 20th Anniversary World Tour - Live with The Octavarium OrchestraCD2006not rated2:37:09
Dream TheaterSix Degrees Of Inner TurbulenceCD2002**** 1/21:36:24
Dream TheaterSystematic Chaos (Special Edition)CD/DVD2007*** 1/24:07:27
Dream TheaterThe ATCO DemosCD2002not rated21:58
Dream TheaterThe AstonishingCD2016not rated2:10:38
Dream TheaterThe International Fan Clubs CD 2007: Images and Words - 15th Anniversary PerformanceCD2008not rated1:11:39
Dream TheaterThe International Fan Clubs CD 2008: Progressive Nation 2008CD2009not rated1:17:24
Dream TheaterThe International Fan Clubs DVD 2005: A Walk Beside The BandDVD2006not rated2:07:47
Dream TheaterThe International Fan Clubs DVD 2006: RomavariumDVD2007not rated1:22:37
Dream TheaterThe Silent ManCD1994not rated17:00
Dream TheaterThrough Her EyesCD2000not rated40:44
Dream TheaterTrain Of ThoughtCD2003****1:09:24
Dream TheaterWhen Dream And Day Unite (Limited Edition)CD1989** 1/251:28