Dream Theater
Official Bootleg: The Making of Falling Into Infinity

Dream Theater - Official Bootleg: The Making of Falling Into Infinity

  • Release date: 2009
  • Genre: Progressive Metal
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:16:05
  • not rated
  • Added July 3, 2010
  • Played July 3, 2010


1. New Millennium: Basic Tracksnot rated1:47
2. New Millennium: Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Stick and 7-string guitar overdubsnot rated3:17
3. You Not Me: Basic Tracksnot rated2:04
4. You Not Me: Strings, Piano, Vocals and Key overdubsnot rated3:35
5. Peruvian Skies: Basic Tracksnot rated1:38
6. Peruvian Skies: Rhodes, Mellotron, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals overdubsnot rated5:18
7. Hollow Years: Basic Tracksnot rated3:58
8. Hollow Years: Acoustic, Edge and Classical Guitar and Vocal overdubsnot rated4:28
9. Burning My Soul: Basic Tracksnot rated1:14
10. Burning My Soul: Guitar, Key, Vocals, Talk box and Whisper overdubsnot rated3:47
11. Hell's Kitchen: Writing The Finalenot rated6:07
12. Lines In The Sand: Intro, Key, Piano, and String overdubsnot rated3:49
13. Lines In The Sand: Bass, Guitar, Synth, and Vocal overdubsnot rated3:27
14. Lines In The Sand: Doug Pinnick vocalsnot rated3:01
15. Take Away My Pain: Alternate takenot rated6:12
16. Take Away My Pain: Basic Tracksnot rated2:07
17. Take Away My Pain: Space guitar, Hawaiin Keys, Heavy Keys, and Vocal overdubsnot rated2:16
18. Just Let Me Breathe: Basic Tracksnot rated1:02
19. Just Let Me Breathe: Feedback and Rhythm guitars, Lead Guitar and Keys, Vocal overdubsnot rated2:28
20. Anna Lee: Derek Noodling At The Pianonot rated2:14
21. Anna Lee: Basic Tracksnot rated3:46
22. Anna Lee: Mellotron, Acoustic and Leslie Guitars, Slide Guitar overdubsnot rated2:55
23. Trial Of Tears: Basic Tracksnot rated2:11
24. Trial Of Tears: Lead Guitar, Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Piano overdubsnot rated2:51
25. Trial Of Tears: The End (?)not rated0:23

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