Various Artists (140 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various Artists19th And 20th Centuries (2)CDnot rated1:18:21
Various Artists19th And 20th Centuries (3)CDnot rated1:11:28
Various ArtistsA-Z of Pianists 1CDnot rated1:16:24
Various ArtistsA-Z of Pianists 2CDnot rated1:17:11
Various ArtistsA-Z of Pianists 3CDnot rated1:18:36
Various ArtistsA-Z of Pianists 4CDnot rated1:18:53
Various ArtistsAbbey Road Now!CD2009not rated49:27
Various ArtistsAdagietto, Knaben Wunderhorn, KindertotenCDnot rated53:21
Various ArtistsAmiata Piano FestivalCDnot rated1:12:49
Various ArtistsBaroque Vespers (2)CDnot rated1:13:54
Various ArtistsBerlin, Gershwin:The Gold Collection (Disc 1)CD1995not rated58:02
Various ArtistsCD78 Lieder IVCD2007not rated51:52
Various ArtistsCD80 Irish Songs WoO 152, 153CD2007not rated1:07:43
Various ArtistsCD81 12 Irish Songs WoO 154CD2007not rated40:01
Various ArtistsCD82 Welsh Songs WoO 155CD2007not rated1:13:57
Various ArtistsCD83 Scottish Songs WoO 156, 157CD2007not rated1:05:05
Various ArtistsCD84 Scottish Songs Op 108 & WoO 158/1CD1972not rated1:15:14
Various ArtistsCD85 Folksongs WoO 158/A/B/CCD2007not rated50:20
Various ArtistsCanticles 1-5, The Heart Of The MatterCDnot rated1:06:45
Various ArtistsChamber Music 1CDnot rated1:14:05
Various ArtistsChamber Music 2CDnot rated1:11:22
Various ArtistsChausson: Piano Quartet, Copland: Piano Trio, Janácek: Overgrown PathCDnot rated1:21:27
Various ArtistsComplete Lieder, Vol. 1CDnot rated1:08:21
Various ArtistsComplete Lieder, Vol. 2CDnot rated56:34
Various ArtistsComplete Lieder, Vol. 3CDnot rated57:10
Various ArtistsComplete Lieder, Vol. 4CDnot rated57:14
Various ArtistsComplete Solo Songs CD1CDnot rated50:07
Various ArtistsComplete Solo Songs CD2CDnot rated1:08:30
Various ArtistsComplete Songs & Romances, Vol. 1CD2004not rated1:16:40
Various ArtistsCoronation Mass; Missa Brevis "Sparrow"; Ave verum corpus; Laudate Dominum; Exsultate, jubilateCDnot rated1:06:20
Various ArtistsDylan's Scene, Mojo Cover Disc Dec 2010CDnot rated49:22
Various ArtistsECM Spectrum Vol. 1CD1987not rated1:08:33
Various ArtistsFive Joyful Rosenkranz Sonaten, Vivaldi: Stabat MaterCDnot rated1:03:53
Various ArtistsFolk-Song Arrangements, Part-Songs For Women's VoicesCDnot rated1:17:51
Various ArtistsGershwin AnthologyCDnot rated52:42
Various ArtistsGershwin, Porter: The Gold Collection (Disc 2)CD1995not rated1:02:33
Various ArtistsGreatest Jazz Divas CD1CD2012not rated1:11:39
Various ArtistsGreatest Jazz Divas CD2CDnot rated1:14:21
Various ArtistsGreatest Jazz Divas CD3CDnot rated1:10:33
Various ArtistsHolst Collector's Edition CD1 Planets, Perfect Fool, Egdon HeathCDnot rated1:13:54
Various ArtistsHolst Collector's Edition CD2CDnot rated1:16:26
Various ArtistsHolst Collector's Edition CD3CDnot rated1:14:34
Various ArtistsHolst Collector's Edition CD4CDnot rated1:11:18
Various ArtistsHolst Collector's Edition CD5CDnot rated1:17:05
Various ArtistsJanácek+ Bartók + PärtCDnot rated1:06:29
Various ArtistsLamentations & TenebraeCDnot rated1:17:29
Various ArtistsMeisterkonzerte CD37 - Liszt Piano Concerto 1, Brahms HungarianCDnot rated54:23
Various ArtistsMeisterkonzerte CD70 - Violin Concerto,Finlandia, Valse, Swan, BoleroCD1953not rated56:28
Various ArtistsMeisterkonzerte CD83 - Korngold, RozsaCDnot rated48:18
Various ArtistsMeisterkonzerte CD97 - Delius, Elgar, BrittenCDnot rated48:58
Various ArtistsMojo - Cohen CoveredCDnot rated1:02:50
Various ArtistsMusic For Harp CD3CDnot rated1:17:27
Various ArtistsMusic For The Reformed ChurchCDnot rated1:19:44
Various ArtistsMusic for Harp CD1CDnot rated1:17:11
Various ArtistsMusic for Harp CD2CDnot rated1:18:40
Various ArtistsNew Harvest : A Compendium of North American SongCDnot rated1:01:04
Various ArtistsNothing But the BluesCDnot rated2:12:46
Various ArtistsNuits d'Été, El Amor BrujoCDnot rated1:07:16
Various ArtistsOrgelwerke auf Silbermann-Orgeln CD7CDnot rated1:19:21
Various ArtistsPart Songs, Vol. 1CD2009not rated1:00:03
Various ArtistsPart Songs, Vol. 2CD2009not rated1:07:14
Various ArtistsPart-Songs, Vol. 3CD2009not rated1:04:27
Various ArtistsPiano Sonata 1, Scherzo, WaltzesCDnot rated1:02:10
Various ArtistsPiano: Chopin Liszt, Shostakovich String Quartet 8CDnot rated1:07:16
Various ArtistsPorter AnthologyCDnot rated49:30
Various ArtistsRarities, Fragments & Alternative VersionsCD2008not rated1:02:11
Various ArtistsRed Hot + BlueCD1990not rated1:18:00
Various ArtistsRequiem: Fauré, DurufléCDnot rated1:13:10
Various ArtistsRossini Sonata, Frauenliebe, Brahms Clarinet Sonata, Wolf Orch SongsCDnot rated1:19:33
Various ArtistsRoussel Edition CD1CDnot rated1:05:38
Various ArtistsRoussel Edition CD2CDnot rated1:20:49
Various ArtistsRoussel Edition CD3CDnot rated1:18:26
Various ArtistsRoussel Edition CD4CDnot rated1:16:55
Various ArtistsRoussel Edition CD5CDnot rated1:18:27
Various ArtistsRoussel Edition CD6CDnot rated1:09:47
Various ArtistsRoussel Edition CD7CDnot rated1:14:50
Various ArtistsRoussel Edition CD8CDnot rated1:18:22
Various ArtistsRoussel Edition CD9CDnot rated1:15:07
Various ArtistsSaint-Saëns Organ, Sheherazade, Suk WinterMP3not rated2:12:59
Various ArtistsSammlung Von Musik-Stücken Alter Und Neuer Zeit CD1CDnot rated1:15:09
Various ArtistsSammlung Von Musik-Stücken Alter Und Neuer Zeit CD2CDnot rated57:47
Various ArtistsSammlung Von Musik-Stücken Alter Und Neuer Zeit CD3CDnot rated1:07:41
Various ArtistsSongsCDnot rated1:10:18
Various ArtistsStabat Mater: Pergolesi, BoccheriniCDnot rated1:19:42
Various ArtistsSymphony No. 2 (cont)CDnot rated1:04:19
Various ArtistsThat's Proper FolkCDnot rated56:51
Various ArtistsThe Anglo-American School (Cont)CDnot rated1:10:45
Various ArtistsThe Anglo-American School (Cont) & The East European/Slavic SchoolCDnot rated1:18:02
Various ArtistsThe Birth Of PolyphonyCDnot rated1:07:17
Various ArtistsThe Curlew, Lillygay, Peterisms, SaudadesCDnot rated1:11:07
Various ArtistsThe Daisy Chain, Bird Songs, Four Cautionary TalesCDnot rated1:15:39
Various ArtistsThe French "Petit Motet" And "Grand Motet"CDnot rated1:19:20
Various ArtistsThe French School (Cont)CDnot rated1:10:37
Various ArtistsThe French School (Cont) & The Anglo-American SchoolCDnot rated1:10:36
Various ArtistsThe German SchoolCDnot rated1:15:32
Various ArtistsThe German School (Cont)CDnot rated1:13:39
Various ArtistsThe German School (Cont)CDnot rated1:12:58
Various ArtistsThe German School (Cont), The Italian SchoolCDnot rated1:13:48
Various ArtistsThe Italian School (Cont) & The French SchoolCDnot rated1:12:19
Various ArtistsThe Italian School (cont) The French SchoolCDnot rated1:10:38
Various ArtistsThe Polyphonic Mass From The Middle Ages To The RenaissanceCDnot rated1:09:36
Various ArtistsThe Polyphonic Motet From Ars Antiqua To The RenaissanceCDnot rated1:05:57
Various ArtistsThe Polyphony Mass From The Middle Ages To The Renaissance (2)CDnot rated1:09:58
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.1-4 [Disc 10]CDnot rated1:17:10
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.1-4 [Disc 1]CDnot rated1:16:24
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.1-4 [Disc 2]CDnot rated1:18:59
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.1-4 [Disc 3]CDnot rated1:17:32
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.1-4 [Disc 4]CDnot rated1:16:16
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.1-4 [Disc 5]CDnot rated1:17:30
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.1-4 [Disc 6]CDnot rated1:16:35
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.1-4 [Disc 7]CDnot rated1:18:15
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.1-4 [Disc 8]CDnot rated1:16:17
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.1-4 [Disc 9]CDnot rated1:16:02
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.5 [Disc 1]CDnot rated1:17:34
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.5 [Disc 7]CDnot rated1:13:49
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.5 [Disc 8]CDnot rated1:18:29
Various ArtistsThe Record Of Singing: Vol.5 [Disc 9]CDnot rated1:18:18
Various ArtistsThe Record of Singing: Vol.5 [Disc 10]CDnot rated1:14:20
Various ArtistsThe Record of Singing: Vol.5 [Disc 2]CDnot rated1:18:05
Various ArtistsThe Record of Singing: Vol.5 [Disc 3]CDnot rated1:16:16
Various ArtistsThe Record of Singing: Vol.5 [Disc 4]CDnot rated1:16:05
Various ArtistsThe Record of Singing: Vol.5 [Disc 5]CDnot rated1:16:46
Various ArtistsThe Record of Singing: Vol.5 [Disc 6]CDnot rated1:17:43
Various ArtistsThe White Album Recovered CD1 (Mojo)CDnot rated52:27
Various ArtistsTom Waits' Jukebox Uncut Dec 11CD2011not rated56:08
Various ArtistsTriosCDnot rated55:51
Various ArtistsUltimate Gershwin 1CDnot rated1:18:12
Various ArtistsUltimate Gershwin 2CDnot rated1:10:00
Various ArtistsUltimate Gershwin 3CDnot rated1:12:18
Various ArtistsUltimate Gershwin 4CDnot rated1:13:49
Various ArtistsUncut 2011.06 - Happy Birthday BobCD2011not rated54:22
Various ArtistsUncut 2011.07 Here Comes The Nice (A Mod Soundtrack)CDnot rated45:58
Various ArtistsUncut 2014.12 Beyond the Basement - 15 Tracks of the Best New MusicCD2014not rated1:01:06
Various ArtistsUncut Dec13 - Blue NotesCDnot rated1:05:25
Various ArtistsUne vie Heureuse CD7 - Duos, TriosCDnot rated1:16:23
Various ArtistsUne vie heureuse CD10 - Milhaud par lui-mêmeCDnot rated1:20:35
Various ArtistsUne vie heureuse CD9 - VocalCDnot rated1:10:39
Various ArtistsUt Pictura MusicaCDnot rated1:06:53
Various ArtistsWarlock Collected 78rpm recordings CD1CDnot rated1:05:50
Various ArtistsWarlock: Collected 78rpm recordings CD2CDnot rated1:18:13