Various Composers, Various Artists
The Anglo-American School (Cont) & The East European/Slavic School

Various Artists - The Anglo-American School (Cont) & The East European/Slavic School

  • Genre: Opera/Russian Song
  • Format: CD
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 1:18:02
  • not rated
  • Added November 21, 2007


1. Isobel Baillie, Handel - Angels Ever Bright And Fair (Theodora)not rated4:28
2. Dora Labbette, Delius - Irmelin Rosenot rated3:54
3. Joan Cross, Puccini - One Fine Day (Madama Butterfly, Act 2)not rated4:00
4. Florence Easton, Haydn - My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hairnot rated3:29
5. Rosa Ponselle, Spontini - O Nume Tutelar (La Vestale, Act 2)not rated3:28
6. Marjorie Lawrence, Reyer - O Palais Radieux! (Sigurd, Act 4)not rated3:48
7. Eva Turner, Puccini - In Questa Reggia (Turandot, Act 2)not rated5:46
8. Florence Austral & John Barbirolli, Rossini - Inflammatus (Stabat Mater)not rated4:28
9. Jarmila Novotná, Dvorák - My Hair Is Golden (Rusalka, Act 3)not rated3:11
10. Nathalie Vechor, Rimsky-Korsakov - Ivan Sergeich, Come Into The Garden (The Tsar's Bride, Act 3)not rated3:20
11. Ada Nordenova, Dvorák - O Lovely Moon (Rusalka, Act 1)not rated4:12
12. Maria Kurenko & Alexander Grechaninov, Grechaninov - (A) The Wounded Birch, Op.1 No.2 (B) Snowflakes, Op.47 No. 1not rated3:43
13. Xenia Belmas, Rimsky-Korsakov - The Rose And The Nightingale, Op.2 No.2not rated3:07
14. Ada Sari, Karlowicz, Mieczyslaw - Pamietam Ciche, Jasne, Zlote Dnie (I Remember Golden Days)not rated2:01
15. Oda Slobodskaya, Grechaninov - Lullaby, Op.1 No.5not rated2:29
16. Maria Krasová, Dvorák - Kézduch Muj Sám (Leave Me Alone) Op.82 No.1not rated4:05
17. Maria Basilides & Bela Bartók, Traditional - Fekete Fód; Asszonyok (Arr. Bartók: Hungarian Folk Songs, Nos. 1 & 2)not rated2:40
18. Mark Reizen, Gomes, Carlos - Di Sposo, Di Padre (Salvator Rosa, Act 3)not rated2:59
19. Feodor Chaliapin, Dargomizhsky - The Sierra Nevada Lies In A Haze - Boleronot rated2:20
20. Imry Palló, Kodály - Tiszán Innen, Danán Tûl (No.9) (Háry János)not rated4:09
21. Vladimir Rosing, Cui - Hunger, Op.62 No.17not rated3:05
22. Sergei Lemeshev, Kashevarov - Tranquilitynot rated3:11

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