Beethoven, Various Artists
CD80 Irish Songs WoO 152, 153

Various Artists - CD80 Irish Songs WoO 152, 153

  • Release date: 2007
  • Genre: Vocal/Lieder
  • Format: CD
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 1:07:43
  • not rated
  • Added October 10, 2007
  • Played October 10, 2007


1. The return to Ulster WoO 152: No. 1not rated5:35
2. Once more I hail thee No. 3not rated3:09
3. The morning air plays on my face No. 4not rated2:32
4. His boat comes on the sunny side No. 7not rated2:05
5. The soldier's dream No. 9not rated5:11
6. English bulls No. 12not rated2:31
7. Dermot and Shelagh No. 14not rated2:22
8. Hide not thy anguish No. 16not rated2:24
9. They bid me slight my Dermot dear No. 18not rated2:21
10. From Garyone, my happy home No. 22not rated3:32
11. Oh harp of Erin No. 25not rated4:18
12. No riches from his scanty store WoO 153: No. 2not rated2:59
13. The British Light Dragoons No. 3not rated2:50
14. Sad and luckless was the season No. 6not rated4:20
15. The kiss, dear maid, thy lip has left No. 9not rated2:49
16. When far from the home No. 11not rated2:19
17. I'll praise the saints No. 12not rated3:46
18. 'Tis the sunshine at last No. 13not rated2:05
19. Paddy O'Rafferty No. 14not rated2:41
20. O might I but my Patrick love No. 16not rated3:01
21. No more, my Mary No. 18not rated1:58
22. Judy, lovely, matchless creature No. 19not rated2:46

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