XTC (19 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
XTCThe DisappointedCD1992not rated14:31
XTCInstruvenusCD1999not rated44:57
XTCHomespun: The Apple Venus DemosCD1999not rated48:18
XTCSkylarkingCD1986not rated49:08
XTCApple VenusCD1999not rated50:05
XTCWasp StarCD2000not rated50:58
XTCWasptrumentalCD1999not rated51:23
XTCThe Big ExpressCD1984not rated53:30
XTCSkylarkingCD1986not rated1:03:02
XTCNonsuchCD1992not rated1:03:24
XTCHomegrown: The Wasp Star DemosCD1999not rated1:03:53
XTCDrums And WiresCD1979not rated1:06:11
XTCMummerCD1983not rated1:06:45
XTCEnglish SettlementCD1982not rated1:12:23
XTCBlack SeaCD1980not rated1:17:22
XTCRag & Bone BuffetCD1990not rated1:18:29
XTCOranges & LemonsCD1989not rated2:02:40
XTCTransistor Blast: The Best of the BBC SessionsCD1989not rated3:14:40
XTCCoat of Many CupboardsCD2002not rated3:40:26