Stevens, Cat (15 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Stevens, CatBack To EarthCD1978not rated34:19
Stevens, CatIzitsoCD1977not rated37:22
Stevens, CatMajikatCDR1976not rated1:09:20
Stevens, CatNumbers (A Pythagorean Theory Tale)CD1975not rated33:27
Stevens, CatSaturnightCDR1974not rated39:38
Stevens, CatBuddha And The Chocolate BoxCD1974not rated32:25
Stevens, CatForeignerCD1973not rated36:07
Stevens, CatCatch Bull At FourCD1972not rated39:40
Stevens, CatBBC 1971CD11/27/1971not rated42:36
Stevens, CatTeaser And The FirecatCD1971not rated1:07:27
Stevens, CatTea For The TillermanCD1970not rated36:47
Stevens, CatMona Bone JakonCD1970not rated35:13
Stevens, CatNew MastersCD1967not rated1:04:27
Stevens, CatMatthew & SonCD1967not rated57:36
Stevens, CatCat's BackCDR1967not rated40:30