Madness (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
MadnessOne Step Beyond...CD1979not rated1:21:10
MadnessAbsolutelyCD1980not rated1:57:07
Madness7CD1981not rated1:13:43
MadnessThe Rise And FallCD1982not rated1:43:01
MadnessKeep MovingCD1984not rated1:30:39
MadnessMad Not MadCD1985not rated1:47:08
MadnessThe MadnessCDR1988not rated58:29
MadnessWonderfulCD1999not rated1:32:47
MadnessTo the Edge of the Universe and BeyondCD2006not rated1:05:57
MadnessThe Liberty Of Norton FolgateCD2009not rated1:41:22
MadnessTotal MadnessCD2009not rated1:11:56
MadnessOui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da DaCDR2012not rated4:13:08
MadnessCan't Touch Us NowCDR2016not rated59:18