The Rise And Fall

Madness - The Rise And Fall

  • Release date: 1982
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:43:01
  • not rated
  • Added September 3, 2014


1. Rise And Fallnot rated3:16
2. Tomorrow's Just Another Daynot rated3:10
3. Blue Skinned Beastnot rated3:22
4. Primrose Hillnot rated3:36
5. Mr Speaker Gets The Wordnot rated2:59
6. Sunday Morningnot rated4:01
7. Our Housenot rated3:23
8. Tiptoesnot rated3:29
9. New Delhinot rated3:40
10. That Facenot rated3:39
11. Calling Cardsnot rated2:19
12. Are You Coming (With Me)not rated3:17
13. Madness (It's All In The Mind)not rated2:55
1. Rise And Fall (Kid Jensen session)not rated2:33
2. Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)not rated2:57
3. Calling Cards (Kid Jensen session)not rated2:01
4. Are You Coming (With Me) (Kid Jensen session)not rated2:46
5. House Of Funnot rated2:58
6. Don't Look Backnot rated3:34
7. Driving In My Carnot rated3:18
8. Animal Farm (Tomorrow's Dream Warp Mix)not rated4:04
9. Riding On My Bikenot rated4:33
10. Our House (extended version)not rated5:59
11. Walking With Mr Wheezenot rated3:33
12. Mad House (instrumental)not rated4:37
13. Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) (warp mix)not rated3:47
14. Blue Beast (warp mix)not rated3:14
15. Our House (stretch mix)not rated5:34
16. Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) (with Elvis Costello)not rated2:55
17. The National Anthemnot rated1:17

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