Indigo Girls (19 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Indigo GirlsOdditiesCDR2015not rated3:39:10
Indigo Girls1200 CurfewsCD1995not rated2:24:50
Indigo GirlsStaring Down the Brilliant DreamCD2010not rated2:08:48
Indigo GirlsPoseidon And The Bitter BugCD2009not rated1:16:54
Indigo GirlsRaritiesCD2005not rated1:15:31
Indigo GirlsDespite Our DifferencesCD2006not rated1:08:40
Indigo GirlsNomads - Indians - SaintsCD1990not rated1:05:05
Indigo GirlsRites of PassageCD1992not rated1:04:09
Indigo GirlsLiving Room LiveCDR3/26/2009not rated58:11
Indigo GirlsCome On Now SocialCD1999not rated57:26
Indigo GirlsOne Lost DayCD2015not rated52:01
Indigo GirlsIndigo GirlsCD1989not rated51:46
Indigo GirlsStrange FireCD1989not rated51:29
Indigo GirlsSwamp OpheliaCD1994not rated51:08
Indigo GirlsShaming Of The SunCD1997not rated50:29
Indigo GirlsBeauty Queen SisterCD2012not rated50:15
Indigo GirlsBecome YouCD2002not rated48:15
Indigo GirlsAll That We Let InCD2004not rated45:53
Indigo GirlsBack On The Bus Y'all (Live)CD1991not rated38:59