Indigo Girls

Indigo Girls - Oddities

  • Release date: 2015
  • Format: CDR
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 3:39:10
  • not rated
  • Added November 20, 2016


Tributes, Covers, Versions, Odds
1. Carry Me Awaynot rated3:56
2. Center Stagenot rated2:59
3. Clampdownnot rated3:16
4. Cortez The Killernot rated4:43
5. Falling Starnot rated4:49
6. Free Of Hopenot rated5:44
7. It's Too Latenot rated2:27
8. Letter To Evenot rated6:35
9. Love Of The Common Peoplenot rated2:55
10. Mrs. Robinsonnot rated3:46
11. I Don't Know How To Love Himnot rated3:57
12. The Best You Ever Hadnot rated3:46
13. Three Hitsnot rated2:58
14. White House Blues (Jonas & Ezekial)not rated3:34
15. Whose Angel Are Younot rated4:07
16. You Are Freenot rated3:53
17. Emily's Songnot rated1:23
18. Play It Again, Samnot rated4:32
19. Carolina On My Mindnot rated4:45
20. Wild, Wild Party At The Loquat Treenot rated3:02
21. House At Pooh Cornernot rated2:56
1. Blister In The Sunnot rated2:51
2. Closer To Finenot rated4:31
3. Galileonot rated5:29
4. You And Me Of The 10,000 Warsnot rated4:21
5. Least Complicatednot rated3:54
6. Get Out The Mapnot rated3:23
7. American Tunenot rated3:36
8. Gonot rated3:57
9. Scooter Boysnot rated3:26
10. Jacob's Laddernot rated2:41
11. Love Will Come To Younot rated4:51
12. No Way To Treat A Friendnot rated3:48
13. Closer To Finenot rated4:48
14. Romeo And Julietnot rated6:06
15. The Water Is Wide (with Alison Krauss, Jewel, Sarah Mclachlan And Shenandoah)not rated4:18
16. K's Choice with The Indigo Girls - Rockin' In The Free Worldnot rated4:50
17. Difranco, Ani with The Indigo Girls - Tangled Up In Bluenot rated3:37
18. Baez, Joan with The Indigo Girls - Don't Think Twice It's All Rightnot rated3:30
19. Peace Tonight (with Joan Osborne, Garth Hudson & Natacha Atlas)not rated4:11
Acoustic and Collaborations
1. Dead Man's Hillnot rated4:32
2. Galileonot rated4:29
3. Jonas & Ezekialnot rated3:49
4. Peace Tonightnot rated3:46
5. Secure Yourselfnot rated3:56
6. Shame On Younot rated4:05
7. Southland In The Springtimenot rated4:26
8. The Wood Songnot rated3:58
9. Ferrick, Melissa with Tori Amos, The Indigo Girls, Sarah Mclachlan And Shawn Col - Drivenot rated3:20
10. Pink with The Indigo Girls - Dear Mr. Presidentnot rated4:36
11. Aiken, Caroline With Emily Saliers - Another On The Risenot rated4:17
12. Aiken, Caroline with Emily Saliers - Mission Of Angelsnot rated4:36
13. Aiken, Caroline with Emily Saliers - Broken Wings Healnot rated4:23
14. Aiken, Caroline with Emily Saliers - Comfort Is Deepnot rated3:52
15. Aiken, Caroline with Emily Saliers - Butler Fieldnot rated2:30

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