The Small Faces (16 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Small Faces78 in the Shade [Us Import]MP31978not rated32:54
The Small FacesAutumn StoneMP31969not rated1:15:24
The Small FacesFrom the Beginning +5MP31967not rated44:09
The Small FacesItchycoo ParkMP31999not rated35:29
The Small FacesNice (Live On Beat Club, GermaMP31966not rated26:27
The Small FacesOgdens' Nut Gone FlakeMP31968not rated38:29
The Small FacesPlaymatesMP31977not rated38:33
The Small FacesSingles A's & B's...PlusMP31994not rated1:02:59
The Small FacesSmall FacesMP31965not rated43:39
The Small FacesThe BBC SessionsMP31999not rated46:35
The Small FacesThe Darlings of Wapping Wharf LaundretteMP31999not rated2:16:08
The Small FacesThe Decca Anthology 1965-1967MP31996not rated1:32:22
The Small FacesThe Immediate Years (Disc 1)MP31996not rated58:48
The Small FacesThe Immediate Years (Disc 2)MP31996not rated57:29
The Small FacesThe Immediate Years (Disc 3)MP3not rated56:18
The Small FacesThe Immediate Years (Disc 4)MP3not rated1:05:33