John Coltrane (52 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
John ColtraneA Love SupremeMP31964not rated32:49
John ColtraneAscensionMP31965not rated1:19:28
John ColtraneBags & TraneMP31961not rated31:49
John ColtraneBahiaMP31965not rated32:57
John ColtraneBalladsMP31963not rated30:27
John ColtraneBlack PearlsMP31964not rated37:20
John ColtraneBlue Train (2003 reissue)MP31957not rated59:15
John ColtraneCattin' with Coltrane and QuinchetteMP3not rated37:14
John ColtraneColtraneMP31962not rated37:17
John ColtraneColtrane JazzMP31961not rated34:57
John ColtraneColtrane Plays the BluesMP31960not rated37:12
John ColtraneColtrane TimeMP31991not rated28:57
John ColtraneColtrane's SoundMP31960not rated34:32
John ColtraneComplete Recordings With Dizzy GillespieMP32003not rated46:48
John ColtraneCrescentMP31964not rated37:05
John ColtraneDakarMP31963not rated27:08
John ColtraneDear Old StockholmMP31965not rated47:26
John ColtraneExpressionMP31967not rated46:24
John ColtraneFirst MeditationsMP31965not rated47:39
John ColtraneGiant StepsMP31959not rated1:07:50
John ColtraneGiant Steps [Deluxe Edition]MP31960not rated8:22
John ColtraneHeavyweight Champion (Alternate Takes)MP31995not rated1:55:53
John ColtraneInterplay for Two Trumpets & Two TenorsMP31957not rated31:40
John ColtraneInterstellar SpaceMP31974not rated52:30
John ColtraneJohn Coltrane: The Prestige RecordingsMP31991not rated21:54
John ColtraneKulu Se MamaMP31967not rated30:41
John ColtraneLiving SpaceMP31998not rated47:55
John ColtraneLush LifeMP31960not rated24:30
John ColtraneMeditationsMP31965not rated40:33
John ColtraneMy Favorite ThingsMP31960not rated40:36
John ColtraneOle ColtraneMP31961not rated33:54
John ColtraneOmMP31967not rated23:06
John ColtraneSelflessnessMP31969not rated12:46
John ColtraneSettin' the Pace ('trane)MP31958not rated38:49
John ColtraneStandard ColtraneMP31958not rated31:57
John ColtraneStardustMP31963not rated50:06
John ColtraneStellar RegionsMP31967not rated1:00:47
John ColtraneSun ShipMP31965not rated39:30
John ColtraneTenor ConclaveMP31957not rated30:15
John ColtraneThe Bethlehem Years (1 of 2)MP32000not rated53:00
John ColtraneThe Bethlehem Years (2 of 2)MP32000not rated1:08:04
John ColtraneThe CatsMP31959not rated25:20
John ColtraneThe Classic Quartet: Impulse! Studio Recordings (Alternate Takes)MP31998not rated1:03:20
John ColtraneThe Coltrane LegacyMP31970not rated36:02
John ColtraneThe Complete 1961 Village Vanguard RecordingsMP31961not rated4:29:19
John ColtraneThe John Coltrane Quartet PlaysMP31965not rated35:10
John ColtraneThe Last TraneMP31965not rated29:30
John ColtraneTraneing InMP31957not rated25:33
John ColtraneTransitionMP31965not rated48:33
John ColtraneWheelin' & Dealin'MP31958not rated41:43
John Coltrane QuartetThe Complete Africa/Brass Sessions (1 of 2)MP31961not rated45:40
John Coltrane QuartetThe Complete Africa/Brass Sessions (2 of 2)MP31961not rated36:59