John Coltrane
Heavyweight Champion (Alternate Takes)

John Coltrane - Heavyweight Champion (Alternate Takes)

  • Release date: 1995
  • Genre: Jazz/Hard Bop
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 1:55:53
  • not rated
  • Added June 27, 2015


1. Blues to Elvin [Alternate Take]not rated9:40
2. Giant Steps [Alternate Version][Take]not rated4:11
3. Giant Steps [Alternate Version][Take]not rated0:12
4. Village Blues [Alternate Take]not rated5:36
5. Countdown [Alternate Take]not rated4:01
6. Giant Steps [Alternate Version][Take]not rated2:30
7. Blues to You [Alternate Take]not rated5:02
8. Giant Steps [Alternate Version][Take]not rated1:09
9. Giant Steps [Alternate Version][Take]not rated3:13
10. Syeeda's Song Flute [Alternate Take]not rated6:18
11. Giant Steps [Alternate Version][Take]not rated0:28
12. Giant Steps [Alternate Version][Take]not rated3:44
13. Naima [Alternate Version][Take]not rated2:45
14. Body and Soul [Alternate Take]not rated5:14
15. Cousin Mary [Alternate Take]not rated5:04
16. Naima [Alternate Version][Take]not rated2:48
17. Track 09not rated3:15
18. Naima [Alternate Version][Take]not rated0:13
19. Track 10not rated3:50
20. I'll Wait and Pray [Alternate Take]not rated2:58
21. Naima [Alternate Version][Take]not rated3:18
22. Track 11not rated5:23
23. Naima [Alternate Version][Take]not rated3:08
24. Like Sonny [Alternate Version][Excerpt][Take]not rated0:07
25. Like Sonny [Alternate Version][Excerpt][Take]not rated1:22
26. Like Sonny [Alternate Version][Take]not rated0:16
27. Like Sonny [Alternate Version][Take]not rated2:40
28. Like Sonny [Alternate Version][Take]not rated0:58
29. Like Sonny [Alternate Version][Take]not rated0:06
30. Like Sonny [Alternate Version][Take]not rated7:10
31. Like Sonny [Alternate Version][Take]not rated0:59
32. Giant Steps [Incomplete Take]not rated3:34
33. Giant Steps [Take 6][Alternate Take]not rated4:17
34. Blues to Elvin [False Start]not rated0:08
35. Blues to Elvin [Take 3][Alternate Take]not rated5:14
36. Blues to You [Take 2][Alternate Take]not rated5:02

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