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Greetings from Austin Texas!

I've been collecting music going back to the vinyl days... at it's peak my LP collection was over 2500 discs. Then I moved to CDs (3200) and now, finally to digital.

Throughout most of the 80's and 90's I worked in the industry: first 5 years for a regional record chain in Quebec, and then 15 years for EMI Music Canada (Capitol Records) in both Montreal and then Ottawa as a regional rep. I left the industry in 1999, predicting then that the internet was going to change that business forever (and turns out I guessed correctly).

I collect all kinds of music, with a strong interest in Blues and post-WW 2 R&B (Jump Swing, etc.). Additionally, I've not yet digitized my entire CD collection (I'm working on it), but I'm fastidious about tagging my MP3's.

I've also set up a little side-project for those times when you're hunting for album covers of older releases, and are coming up short. I track down the best sources I can, and clean up the artwork and share it at

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