Robert Plant (16 albums)

Artist Released Title Format Label
Robert Plant9/9/2014lullaby and... The Ceaseless RoarCDNonesuch
Robert Plant1983The Principle of MomentsCDAtlantic / Wea
Robert Plant1984The Honeydrippers Volume OneCDAtlantic / Wea
Robert Plant11/4/2003Sixty Six to TimbuktuCDAtlantic / Wea
Robert Plant1985Shaken & StirredCDAtlantic / Wea
Robert Plant11/8/2007Raising Sand (with Alison Krauss)CDRounder
Robert Plant1982Pictures at ElevenCDAtlantic / Wea
Robert Plant1988Now & ZenCDAtlantic / Wea
Robert Plant2014Nine Lives (bonus tracks, etc.)CD
Robert Plant10/4/2005Mighty RearrangerCDSanctuary
Robert Plant3/12/1990Manic NirvanaCDAtlantic / Wea
Robert Plant3/28/1990Hurting Kind (I've Got my Eyes on You)CDAtlantic / Wea
Robert Plant5/27/1993Fate of NationsCDAtlantic / Wea
Robert Plant7/16/2002DreamlandCDUmvd Labels
Robert Plant10/13/2017Carry FireCDNonesuch
Robert Plant9/14/2010Band of JoyCDRounder