Bo Diddley (19 albums)

Artist Released Title Format Label
Bo Diddley7/19/1990The Chess Box [Japan SHMCD]CDChess
Bo Diddley8/12/2008The Chess Masters 2: Road Runner - 1959-1960CDHip-O Select
Bo Diddley7/21/2009The Chess Masters 3: Ride On - 1960-1961CDHip-O Select
Bo Diddley1/26/2010Hey! Bo DiddleyCDIndie Europe/Zoom
Bo Diddley5/23/1995Bo Knows BoCDIsland Records
Bo Diddley1960Is a Gunslinger [1990 +2]CDMca
Bo Diddley1991Rare & Well DoneCDMca
Bo Diddley1958Bo DiddleyCDReal Gone Jazz
Bo Diddley1960Bo Diddley Is A GunslingerCDReal Gone Jazz
Bo Diddley1961Bo Diddley Is A LoverCDReal Gone Jazz
Bo Diddley1959Go Bo DiddleyCDReal Gone Jazz
Bo Diddley1960Have Guitar Will TravelCDReal Gone Jazz
Bo Diddley1960In the SpotlightCDReal Gone Jazz
Bo Diddley1/1/20136 Classic Albums - Bo DiddleyCDReal Gone Music
Bo Diddley1/1/2013Six Classic Albums Plus Bonus Singles, Sessions & Live TracksCDReal Gone Music
Bo Diddley10/29/1996EP CollectionCDSee for Miles UK
Bo Diddley2007The Chess Masters 1: I'm a Man - 1955-1958CDUniversal
Bo Diddley3/20/2006The Story Of Bo DiddleyCDUniversal Uk
Bo Diddley1991The London SessionsCDZillion