Bo Diddley
The Chess Masters 2: Road Runner - 1959-1960

Bo Diddley - The Chess Masters 2: Road Runner - 1959-1960

  • Release date: 8/12/2008
  • Format: CD
  • not rated
  • Added September 25, 2015


1. Mam Mianot rated0:00
2. Bucket (Take 1)not rated0:00
3. Bucket (Take 5)not rated0:00
4. What Do You Know About Lovenot rated0:00
5. Lazy Woman (Alt. Take 1)not rated0:00
6. Lazy Woman (Take 3)not rated0:00
7. Come On Baby (Take 2)not rated0:00
8. Come On Baby (Instrumental Run-Through Take 3)not rated0:00
9. Come On Baby(Take 4)not rated0:00
10. Nursery Rhyme AKA Puttentangnot rated0:00
11. Mumblin' Guitarnot rated0:00
12. James' Instrumentalnot rated0:00
13. Silly Willynot rated0:00
14. I Love You So AKA The Beatnot rated0:00
15. Story Of Bo Diddley AKA My Storynot rated0:00
16. She's Alright (Unedited Version)not rated0:00
17. She's Alright (Alt. Take)not rated0:00
18. She's Alright (Mindy-Lou) (Alt. Take)not rated0:00
19. She's Alrightnot rated0:00
20. Darling Tell Menot rated0:00
21. Limbo AKA Limber (Alt. Take)not rated0:00
22. Limbo AKA Limbernot rated0:00
23. Gonna Tell It Like It Isnot rated0:00
24. Say Man, Back Again (Alt. Take)not rated0:00
25. Say Man, Back Againnot rated0:00
26. Junglenot rated0:00
27. Walking (Take 2)not rated0:00
28. Walking (Take 4)not rated0:00
29. To Each His Ownnot rated0:00
30. Run Diddley Daddynot rated0:00
31. Uknown Title Issued As Run Diddley Daddynot rated0:00
32. Road Runner (Alt. Take)not rated0:00
33. Road Runnernot rated0:00
34. Spend My Life With Younot rated0:00
35. Love You Babynot rated0:00
36. Diddling AKA Tashnot rated0:00
37. Cadillacnot rated0:00
38. Limbonot rated0:00
39. Willie Fell In Love (Version 1)not rated0:00
40. Willie Fell In Love (Version 2 Take 10)not rated0:00
41. Look At My Babynot rated0:00
42. Better Watch Yourselfnot rated0:00
43. Prisoner Of Love (Fast Version)not rated0:00
44. Prisoner Of Love (Slow Version)not rated0:00
45. You Know I Love You Sonot rated0:00
46. Let Me In (Alt. Version 1)not rated0:00
47. Let Me In (Alt. Version 2)not rated0:00
48. Let Me Innot rated0:00
49. Signifying Blues (Unedited)not rated0:00
50. Signifying Bluesnot rated0:00
51. Deed & Deed I Do (Alt. Take)not rated0:00
52. Deed & Deed I Donot rated0:00

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