Various artists (118 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists(Almost Angels) IslandCD2009not rated1:08:05
Various artistsAcid House FeverCD1988not rated1:14:28
Various artistsAerosmith Tribute: Not The Same Old Song & DanceCD9/7/1999not rated
Various artistsAngels on Earth presents: Wings of LightCD8/2/2002not rated
Various artistsBest Of 12 Inch Gold 1CD1988not rated1:01:02
Various artistsBest Of 12 Inch Gold 12CD1990not rated1:04:47
Various artistsBest Of 12 Inch Gold 3CD1988not rated46:39
Various artistsBest Of 12 Inch Gold 9CD1989not rated50:49
Various artistsCasino Lights-Recorded Live At Montreux, SwitzerlandCD1982not rated1:17:36
Various artistsCommon Thread: The Songs Of The EaglesCD1993not rated57:23
Various artistsConstruction SonorCD2004not rated1:52:57
Various artistsDance Classics Vol. 2CD1990not rated1:16:10
Various artistsDancing On A Saturday Night - Dance Hits Of The 60's & 70'sCD1989not rated43:48
Various artistsDesert Island Discs: Music You Gotta HaveCD2000not rated50:55
Various artistsDie Großen Drei der Volksmusik. Folge 1CD11/1/1999not rated
Various artistsDowntown - The Sound of The '60's - Part 3CD1988not rated30:49
Various artistsEKK DeeWana THACD2011not rated1:23:56
Various artistsEin Sommernachtstraum / RosamundaCDnot rated1:07:05
Various artistsCD2005not rated51:41
Various artistsFriday On My Mind - The Sound Of The '60s Part 2CD1988not rated34:19
Various artistsGREETINGS FROM ARGENTINACD2003not rated1:46:59
Various artistsGrateful, The Songs of John BucchinoCD2000not rated53:11
Various artistsGuitar Workshop In L.A.CD1988not rated44:41
Various artistsGuitar Workshop In TokyoCD1989not rated51:10
Various artistsGuitar Workshop: Tribute to Otis ReddingCD3/29/1990not rated
Various artistsHe Will Have His Way: Songs of Tim & Neil FinnM4P11/23/2010not rated
Various artistsHear It! Volume 23CD2006not rated45:21
Various artistsHeineken Night of the Proms 1994CD1994not rated1:12:45
Various artistsHot Love: The Sounds Of The Seventies Part 1CD1989not rated45:57
Various artistsHumanary Stew: A Tribute To Alice CooperCD1/11/1999not rated
Various artistsHôtel Costes 8M4P9/2005not rated
Various artistsI Like It RareCD2001not rated34:32
Various artistsI Like It Rare #4CD2007not rated25:13
Various artistsI Like It Rare 2CD2003not rated29:03
Various artistsIf You Can't Please Yourself You Can't Please Your SoulCD4/4/2006not rated
Various artistsIn From the Storm: Music of Jimi HendrixCD10/24/1995not rated
Various artistsIn The Summertime - The Sound Of The 70's - Part 2CD1989not rated45:53
Various artistsCD1998not rated1:03:39
Various artistsJeffology - A Guitar ChronicleCD1995not rated50:54
Various artistsCD1996not rated32:45
Various artistsL.A ReflectionCD2002not rated1:05:15
Various artistsLA-Honolulu-TokyoM4P2009not rated1:01:58
Various artistsLeader Of The Pack - The Sound Of The '60's - Part 6CD1988not rated29:55
Various artistsLes Paul & FriendsCD2005not rated1:05:18
Various artistsLet's dance - The Sound Of The '60's - Part 1CD1988not rated29:58
Various artistsLovin'every minute of itCD2011not rated1:06:11
Various artistsMade in HavanaCD1996not rated1:18:53
Various artistsMerry AxemasCD10/14/1997not rated
Various artistsMerry Axemas, Vol. 2: More Guitars for ChristmasCD8/29/2005not rated
Various artistsMichael Landau Sessions Vol. 1CDRnot rated1:01:55
Various artistsMichael Landau Sessions Vol.1CDnot rated1:06:40
Various artistsMisty Blue - The Love Songs Of The 70'sCD1988not rated43:27
Various artistsMojo Club Vol. 01CD1992not rated1:01:02
Various artistsMysterious Voyages: A Tribute to Weather ReportCD6/7/2005not rated
Various artistsNuns On The RunCD1990not rated49:57
Various artistsOh Boy - The Sounds Of The 50's Part 2CD1989not rated34:28
Various artistsOur Generation - Hits From The SixtiesCD1989not rated2:41:21
Various artistsPhiladelphia Years Vol. 1CD1991not rated3:08:00
Various artistsPhiladelphia Years Vol. 2CD1991not rated3:33:06
Various artistsPigs and Pyramids - Tribute to Pink FloydCD2002not rated1:01:54
Various artistsProgressionCD1999not rated1:17:51
Various artistsRain SoundtrackCD2001not rated49:38
Various artistsRolling Stone - New Voices Vol. 16CD1997not rated53:26
Various artistsRolling Stone - New Voices Vol. 9CDnot rated1:10:35
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax 41 - Clouds like Sugar (Shoegazing & Dream Pop)CD2005not rated38:52
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax Vol. 1CD1997not rated1:18:20
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax Vol. 14CD2000not rated1:04:49
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax Vol. 17CD2001not rated1:10:21
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax Vol. 19CD2001not rated1:10:32
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax Vol. 2CD1997not rated58:03
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax Vol. 23CD2002not rated1:00:56
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax Vol. 28CD2003not rated58:38
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax Vol. 3CDnot rated1:00:48
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax Vol. 7CD1998not rated1:02:54
Various artistsRubber Bullets - The Sound Of The '70's - Part3CD1989not rated57:04
Various artistsSOS7" vinyl1983not rated
Various artistsSaturday Night FeverCD1977not rated1:16:20
Various artistsShankaRagaMalaCD2000not rated
Various artistsShe Will Have Her Way: The Songs of Tim & Neil FinnM4P3/19/2007not rated1:01:08
Various artistsSirensCD2002not rated1:12:26
Various artistsSleepy Shores The Instrumental ClassicsCD1988not rated34:55
Various artistsSounds of Wood and Steel, Vol. 2CD1/12/1999not rated
Various artistsSteinway To HeavenCD1996not rated52:59
Various artistsStone Cold QueenCD2001not rated43:26
Various artistsSummer In The City -The Sound Of The 60´sCD1989not rated38:28
Various artistsSunny Afternoon - The Sound Of The 60's - Part 5CD1988not rated40:37
Various artistsSweet talkin' guy - The sound of the 60's galsCD1989not rated37:30
Various artistsTeen Beat - The Sound Of The 60's - Part 4CD1988not rated26:31
Various artistsThe Carols Of Christmas II: A Windham Hill CollectionCD8/12/1997not rated
Various artistsThe Golden ERA Of Pop Music vol. 1CD1987not rated1:10:59
Various artistsThe Most Beautiful Love Songs 2CD1985not rated1:09:38
Various artistsThe Premiere Collection - The Best Of Andrew Lloyd WebberCD1988not rated57:38
Various artistsThe Songs of West Side StoryCD1/30/1996not rated
Various artistsThe Tango ClubCD2005not rated1:07:49
Various artistsThe Tango Club NightCD2005not rated1:09:13
Various artistsThe Underwatermelon ManCD1999not rated36:38
Various artistsThe Usual Suspects by Sheffield LabCD1991not rated52:07
Various artistsThis Is My Song - Love Songs Of The '60'sCD1989not rated41:29
Various artistsTom's AlbumCD1991not rated38:02
Various artistsTwo Rooms Celebrating the Songs of Elton John & Bernie TaupinCD1991not rated1:19:20
Various artistsUnder The Influence - 21 Years of Flying Nun RecordsCD2002not rated1:13:35
Various artistsVoodoo - Mounted by the GodsCD2003not rated54:22
Various artistsVoodoo Crossing: A Tribute to Jimi HendrixCD4/12/2003not rated
Various artistsWe're all alone - Classic love songs -Part 1CD1989not rated52:51
Various artistsWord of mouthCD2004not rated1:01:49
Various artistsYep Roc records: Best of 2011 SamplerMP32011not rated52:24
Various artistsYoung Love - The Sound of the 50'sCD1989not rated35:58
Various artistsZance (A Decade Of Dance From ZTT)CD1994not rated1:15:44
Various artistshôtel costes 11M4P2008not rated1:10:25
Various artistsso80s (So Eighties) Vol. 2M4P2010not rated2:33:11
Various artistsso80s (So Eighties) Vol. 3M4P2010not rated2:12:02
Various artistsso80s (So Eighties) Vol. 4M4P2010not rated
Various artistsso80s (So Eighties) Vol. 5M4P2010not rated
Various artistsso8os (So Eighties)M4P11/3/2009not rated2:21:05
Various artistsso8os (so eighties) Volume 4M4P2/8/2011not rated30:49
Various artistsso8os (so eighties) Volume 5M4P6/21/2011not rated
Various artistsunknownCDnot rated56:12
Various artistswellness foreverCD1/1/2004not rated3:20:26