Various artists
Philadelphia Years Vol. 1

Various artists - Philadelphia Years Vol. 1

  • Release date: 1991
  • Genre: Philly
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 3:08:00
  • not rated
  • Added October 22, 2004


1. You're The Reason Why/The Ebonysnot rated3:04
2. I Miss You/Harold Melvin and The Bluenotesnot rated3:20
3. Backstabbers/The O'Jaysnot rated3:04
4. (Win Place Or Show) She's A Winner/The Intrudersnot rated2:28
5. If You Don't Know Me By Now/Harold Melvin and The Bluenotesnot rated3:25
6. Me and Mrs Jones/Billy Paulnot rated4:41
7. 992 Arguments/The O'Jaysnot rated2:24
8. Love Train/The O'Jaysnot rated2:58
9. Tossin' and Turnin'/Bunny Siglernot rated2:53
10. Yesterday I Had The Blues/Harold Melvin and The Bluenotesnot rated4:01
11. Am I Black Enough For You/Billy Paulnot rated3:21
12. It's Forever/The Ebonysnot rated4:25
13. I'll Always Love My Mama/The Intrudersnot rated2:43
14. Time To Get Down/The O'Jaysnot rated2:50
1. The Love I Lost/Harold Melvin and The Bluenotesnot rated4:08
2. Dirty Ol' Man/The Three Degreesnot rated3:02
3. I Wanna Know Your Name/The Intrudersnot rated4:37
4. Put Your Hands Together/The O'Jaysnot rated3:03
5. Love Epidemic/The Trammpsnot rated3:20
6. Thanks For Saving My Life/Billy Paulnot rated2:58
7. T.S.O.P./M.F.S.B.not rated3:18
8. Year Of Decision/The Three Degreesnot rated2:39
9. Satisfaction Guaranteed/Harold Melvin and The Bluenotesnot rated3:18
10. I Believe/The Ebonysnot rated4:23
11. For The Love Of Money/The O'Jaysnot rated3:33
12. Where Do We Go From Here?/The Trammpsnot rated3:40
13. Love Train Part 1/Bunny Siglernot rated4:23
14. When Will I See You Again/The Three Degreesnot rated2:58
1. Love Is The Message/M.F.S.B.not rated2:41
2. Get Your Love Back/The Three Degreesnot rated3:13
3. You Bring Out The Best In Me/Derek and Cyndinot rated3:16
4. Where Are All My Friends/Harold Melvin and The Bluenotesnot rated3:21
5. Sunshine/The O'Jaysnot rated3:42
6. Be Truthful To Me/Billy Paulnot rated3:05
7. I Didn't Know/The Three Degreesnot rated2:49
8. Bad Luck/Harold Melvin and The Bluenotesnot rated3:09
9. Give The People What They Want/The O'Jaysnot rated3:16
10. Sexy/M.F.S.B.not rated3:12
11. Hope That we Can Be Together Soon/Harold Melvin andnot rated3:43
12. City Of Brotherly Love/Soul Survivorsnot rated3:19
13. I Could Dance All Night/Archie Bell and The Drellsnot rated2:40
14. Take Good Care Of Yourself/The Three Degreesnot rated3:03
1. Do It Anyway You Wanna/People's Choicenot rated3:16
2. Long Lost Lover/The Three Degreesnot rated2:51
3. Let Me Make Love To You/The O'Jaysnot rated3:38
4. Wake Up Everybody/Harold Melvin and The Bluenotesnot rated3:41
5. I Love Music/The O'Jaysnot rated3:37
6. The Zip/M.F.S.B.not rated3:50
7. Nursery Rhymes/People's Choicenot rated3:30
8. Soul City Walk/Archie Bell and The Drellsnot rated3:12
9. Let's Make A Baby/Billy Paulnot rated3:49
10. Let's Groove/Archie Bell and The Drellsnot rated3:06
11. Tell The World How I Feel/Harold Melvin and The Bluenotesnot rated3:39
12. Livin' For The Weekend/The O'Jaysnot rated2:52
13. I'm Not In Love/Dee Dee Sharpnot rated3:32
14. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine/Lou Rawlsnot rated3:31

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