Thomas Dolby (16 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Thomas Dolby12x12 Original RemixesCD1999not rated1:15:13
Thomas DolbyAirhead12" vinyl1988not rated28:43
Thomas DolbyAliens Ate My BuickCD1988not rated45:19
Thomas DolbyAstronauts & HereticsCD1992not rated43:33
Thomas DolbyClose But No CigarCD1992not rated18:26
Thomas DolbyFortyCD2001not rated38:46
Thomas DolbyHyperactive!CD1994not rated45:16
Thomas DolbyHyperactive!12" vinyl1984****
Thomas DolbyI Love You GoodbyeCD1992not rated17:25
Thomas DolbySilk PyjamasCD1992not rated14:51
Thomas DolbyThe Flat EarthLP1984not rated16:59
Thomas DolbyThe Flat Earth (Collector's Edition)CD2009not rated1:17:25
Thomas DolbyThe Gate To The Mind's EyeCD1994not rated45:16
Thomas DolbyThe Golden Age of WirelessCD10/25/1990not rated
Thomas DolbyThe Golden Age of Wireless (Collector's Edition)CD2009not rated1:16:57
Thomas DolbyThe Sole Inhabitant Live ConcertCD2006not rated1:01:58