ABC (37 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
ABCAbracadabraCD1991not rated40:33
ABCAll of my heart12" vinyl1982not rated
ABCAlphabet CityCD1987not rated1:02:53
ABCBe near me12" vinyl1985not rated11:53
ABCBe near me7" vinyl1985not rated20:57
ABCBeauty StabCD1983****56:50
ABCHow To Be A ZillionaireCD1985not rated1:10:10
ABCHow to be a zillionaire12" vinyl1984not rated
ABCKing Without A CrownCD1987not rated19:59
ABCKing without a crown12" vinyl1987not rated
ABCLexicon Of LiveCD2000not rated55:37
ABCLove Conquers AllCD1991not rated19:29
ABCOcean blue12" vinyl1985not rated17:08
ABCOne Better WorldCD1989not rated19:43
ABCOne better world12" vinyl1989not rated
ABCPoison arrow12" vinyl1983not rated15:22
ABCSay it12" vinyl1991not rated24:00
ABCSkyscrapingCD1997not rated51:11
ABCTears are not enough12" vinyl1981not rated15:57
ABCThat was then but this is now12" vinyl1983not rated
ABCThe Lexicon Of LoveCD1982*****1:54:59
ABCThe Remix CollectionCD1993not rated1:18:23
ABCThe look of love12" vinyl1982not rated15:09
ABCThe look of love12" vinyl1982not rated12:22
ABCThe look of love 1990 mixCD1990not rated13:26
ABCThe night you murdered love12" vinyl1987not rated
ABCThe night you murdered love12" vinyl1987not rated17:13
ABCTrafficCD2008not rated47:15
ABCUpCD1989not rated1:00:55
ABCUp (Remasterd)M4P2005not rated6:23
ABCVanity kills12" vinyl1985not rated12:55
ABCVanity kills12" vinyl1985not rated14:36
ABCWhen Smokey SingsCD1987not rated15:55
ABCWhen Smokey sings12" vinyl1987not rated
ABCWhen smokey sings12" vinyl1987not rated29:26
ABChow to be a Zillionaire!12" vinyl1985not rated17:25
ABCthe real thingCD1982not rated18:37


  • December 27, 2008