Henry Purcell (34 albums)

Artist Released Title Label Duration
Henry Purcell200903-01 Hail, Bright Cecilia; Come, Ye Sons of art, AwayWarner Classics1:18:50
Henry Purcell200903-02 Welcome Songs and ElegiesWarner Classics1:08:31
Henry Purcell200903-03 AnthemsWarner Classics1:10:17
Henry Purcell200903-04 Anthems; Sacred Songs; Music for the Funeral of Queen MaryWarner Classics1:10:20
Henry Purcell200904-01 Individual Pieces for Strings; Songs; Sonata for Trumpet and StringsWarner Classics59:37
Henry Purcell200904-02 Twelve Sonatas of Three Parts Z.790-801Warner Classics1:11:44
Henry Purcell200904-03 Ten Sonatas in Four Parts, Z.802-811Warner Classics1:02:05
Henry Purcell200904-04 The Viol FantasiasWarner Classics51:17
Henry Purcell200904-05 Harpsichord Suites and Other Keyboard WorksWarner Classics1:03:49
Henry Purcell2014Accent 02 'Tis Nature's Voice and other Songs and EligiesAccent plus53:41
Henry Purcell2014Anthems; Funeral Music for Queen Mary; Te DeumHarmonia Mundi (hmGold)1:07:43
Henry Purcell2009Chamber MusicHarmonia Mundi (musique d'abord)1:03:41
Henry Purcell1992Come Ye Sons of Art; Love's Goddess Sure; Trumpet TunesEMI1:06:56
Henry Purcell1993Come, Ye Sons of Art; Music for the Funeral of Queen MaryErato44:50
Henry Purcell1991Dido and Aeneas (Z.626)Archiv Produktion (Galleria)1:03:00
Henry Purcell1995Dioclesian (Z.627); Timon of Athens (Z.632)Archiv Produktion2:04:23
Henry Purcell1992King Arthur (Z.628)Archiv Produktion1:33:31
Henry Purcell2010O Solitude: Songs and Arias by Henry PurcellDecca1:16:39
Henry Purcell2010Odes and Welcome Songs 01 Arise, my Muse; Welcome to All the Pleasures; Now Does the Glorious Day AppearHyperion1:00:17
Henry Purcell2010Odes and Welcome Songs 02 Hail! Bright Cecilia; Who can from Joy Refrain?Hyperion1:16:56
Henry Purcell2010Odes and Welcome Songs 03 Fly, Bold Rebellion; Sound the Trumpet; Celebrate this FestivalHyperion1:16:06
Henry Purcell2010Odes and Welcome Songs 04 Ye Tuneful Muses; Celestial Music; From Hardy ClimesHyperion59:39
Henry Purcell2010Odes and Welcome Songs 05 Welcome Glorious Morn; Great Parent, Hail; The Summer's AbsenceHyperion1:10:02
Henry Purcell2010Odes and Welcome Songs 06 Love's Goddess Sure; Raise the Voice; Laudate Ceciliam; From those Serene and Rapturous JoysHyperion1:08:06
Henry Purcell2010Odes and Welcome Songs 07 Of Old, When Heroes; Swifter, Isis; What Shall be DoneHyperion1:06:04
Henry Purcell2010Odes and Welcome Songs 08 Come ye Sons of Art; Welcome, Vicegerent; Why are all the Muses Mute?Hyperion1:07:47
Henry Purcell2014Odes for Saint Cecilia's DayHarmonia Mundi (hmGold)1:12:53
Henry Purcell1992SongsHarmonia Mundi1:02:17
Henry Purcell2001Sweeter than RosesDecca1:12:52
Henry Purcell1989Te Deum and Jubilate in D; 4 AnthemsArchiv Produktion (Galleria)1:07:30
Henry Purcell1995The Complete Ayres for the TheatreHyperion3:28:36
Henry Purcell1992The Fairy Queen (Z.629)Harmonia Mundi (Plus)2:10:07
Henry Purcell1990The Tempest (Z.631)Erato57:31
Henry Purcell1992Three Antiennes; Funeral Music; Organ PiecesEMI1:00:42