Henry Purcell, Henry Purcell
03-01 Hail, Bright Cecilia; Come, Ye Sons of art, Away

Henry Purcell - 03-01 Hail, Bright Cecilia; Come, Ye Sons of art, Away

  • Release date: 2009
  • Category: Early Baroque
  • Duration: 1:18:50
  • not rated
  • Added April 9, 2010
  • Played March 13


1. Hail, bright Cecilia, Z.328 - Symphonynot rated9:37
2. - Hail, bright Cecilia (all voices, chorus)not rated4:42
3. - Hark! hark! Each tree its silence breaks (countertenor I, bass)not rated3:59
4. - 'Tis Nature's voice: thro' all the moving wood of creatures understood (tenor)not rated4:12
5. - Soul of the world! inspir'd by thee the jarring seeds of matter did agree (chorus)not rated2:32
6. - Thou tun'st this world below, the spheres above (soprano)not rated5:13
7. - With that sublime celestial lay dare any earthly sounds compare? (countertenors, bass)not rated3:06
8. - Wondrous machine! to thee the warbling lute, though us'd to conquest (bass)not rated2:16
9. - The airy violin and lofty viol quit the field (countertenor II)not rated1:22
10. - In vain the am'rous flute and soft guitar jointly labour to inspire (countertenor I, tenor)not rated6:17
11. - The fife and all the harmony of war in vain attempt the passions to alarm (countertenor II)not rated3:01
12. - Let these among themselves contest which can discharge its single duty best (baritone, bass)not rated2:31
13. - Hail, bright Cecilia (countertenors, tenors, bass, chorus)not rated4:25
14. Come, ye sons of art, away, Z.323 - Ouverturenot rated4:10
15. - Come, ye sons of art, away (countertenor, chorus)not rated1:59
16. - Sound the trumpet till around you make the listening shores rebound (countertenors)not rated2:27
17. - Come, come, ye sons of art, come, come away (chorus)not rated1:22
18. - Strike the viol, touch the lute (countertenor, flutes)not rated4:45
19. - The day that such a blessing gave no common festival should be (bass, chorus)not rated2:32
20. - Bid the Virtues, bid the Graces to the sacred shrine repair (soprano, oboe)not rated3:31
21. - These are the sacred charms that shiled her daring hero in the field (bass)not rated1:40
22. - See Nature, rejoicing has shown us the way (soprano, bass, chorus)not rated2:59

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