Anthony Braxton (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Anthony Braxton QuartetCoventry 1985CD box set1993not rated
Anthony Braxton QuartetLive at Sweet Basil, February 10, 1985CD1985not rated
Anthony Braxton3 Compositions of New JazzCD1968not rated43:19
Anthony BraxtonSix Monk's CompositionsCD1988not rated44:13
Anthony BraxtonSeven Standards 1985, Volume 1CD1985not rated45:57
Anthony Braxton QuartetSalzburg: May 19, 1985CD1985not rated47:01
Anthony Braxton QuartetThe Coventry ConcertCD1985not rated51:03
Anthony BraxtonCharlie Parker Project 1993CD1995not rated1:05:01
Anthony BraxtonDuets: Hamburg 1991CD1992not rated1:09:48
Anthony BraxtonFor AltoCD1969not rated1:13:02
Anthony BraxtonWhat´s New In the TraditonCD box set1974not rated1:37:08
Anthony Braxton9 Compositions (Iridium) 2006CD box set2007not rated8:38:57