Anthony Braxton (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Anthony Braxton QuartetThe Coventry ConcertCD1985not rated51:03
Anthony Braxton QuartetSalzburg: May 19, 1985CD1985not rated47:01
Anthony Braxton QuartetLive at Sweet Basil, February 10, 1985CD1985not rated
Anthony Braxton QuartetCoventry 1985CD box set1993not rated
Anthony BraxtonWhat´s New In the TraditonCD box set1974not rated1:37:08
Anthony BraxtonSix Monk's CompositionsCD1988not rated44:13
Anthony BraxtonSeven Standards 1985, Volume 1CD1985not rated45:57
Anthony BraxtonFor AltoCD1969not rated1:13:02
Anthony BraxtonDuets: Hamburg 1991CD1992not rated1:09:48
Anthony BraxtonCharlie Parker Project 1993CD1995not rated1:05:01
Anthony Braxton9 Compositions (Iridium) 2006CD box set2007not rated8:38:57
Anthony Braxton3 Compositions of New JazzCD1968not rated43:19