The Mars Volta (10 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Mars VoltaAmputechtureCD2006not rated1:16:04
The Mars VoltaDe-Loused in the ComatoriumCD2003not rated1:00:51
The Mars VoltaDe-Loused in the Comatorium - Australian Tour Bonus DiscCD2004not rated42:33
The Mars VoltaFrances The MuteCD2005not rated1:16:55
The Mars VoltaNoctourniquetCD2012not rated1:04:37
The Mars VoltaOctahedronCD2009not rated50:08
The Mars VoltaScabdatesCD2005not rated1:12:54
The Mars VoltaThe Bedlam in GoliathCD6/17/2008not rated
The Mars VoltaThe Mars VoltaFLAC2022not rated44:52
The Mars VoltaTremulantCD2002not rated19:27