Various artists (203 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists...And the Beat Goes On! - 34 Dance Hits of the 70'LP1990****2:02:39
Various artists20 Country HitsLP1977****1:04:43
Various artists20 Disco Dancin' HitsLP1978**** 1/2
Various artists20 Explosive HitsLP1973****1:03:44
Various artists20 Tighten UpsLP1974not rated
Various artists20 Town and Country Greats LPLP1974*** 1/254:20
Various artists24 Groovy GreatsLP1965**** 1/248:13
Various artists25 #1 Hits From 25 YearsLP1983****1:28:34
Various artists99 Red Balloons / Der Kommissar12" Single9/1989*****13:23
Various artistsA Christmas Gift For You From Elefant RecordsLP2012not rated48:35
Various artistsA Smile Took Over 7" EP7" Single1999***
Various artistsAll Too Much / A Little Death7" Single1/1/2014****8:45
Various artistsAllnighter 3LP2001**** 1/21:04:09
Various artistsAllnighter Vol. 4 - Northern Soul In A New MilleniumLP2004**** 1/244:38
Various artistsAllnighter Vol. 5LP2006**** 1/251:00
Various artistsAlvin Lives (In Leeds)LP1990****
Various artistsAmerican AnthemsLP5/26/2017**** 1/21:25:20
Various artistsAnimal House OST LPLP1978not rated36:37
Various artistsAnthems12" Single7/27/2018****
Various artistsApricot Records 7" Promo7" Single2000not rated12:58
Various artistsAtlantic Soul Classics LPLP1987****43:33
Various artistsAutomobile / Old Coasts7" Single2011****
Various artistsAxe Attack K-Tel LPLP1980****
Various artistsBackdrop - The Very Essence Of Northern Soul Ca. 1974LP1999**** 1/248:05
Various artistsBands Of Gold: The Swinging SixtiesLP1987****39:33
Various artistsBelieve / Amami Lara7" Single1998*****8:00
Various artistsBelieve In MusicLP1972not rated
Various artistsBelieve In MusicLP1972****
Various artistsBelieve In MusicLP1972not rated
Various artistsBillboard 1982LP1982*****50:30
Various artistsBritish Invasion The Fourth WaveLP1986*** 1/2
Various artistsBuffy The Vampire Slayer: "Once More, With Feeling" OST (BLUE)LP2002**** 1/242:38
Various artistsBuffy The Vampire Slayer: "Once More, With Feeling" OST (RED)LP2002**** 1/242:38
Various artistsCanadian Mint LPLP1973****1:00:28
Various artistsChantilly Lace / The Purple People Eater7" Single1986*****4:33
Various artistsChart ActionLP1982****1:03:11
Various artistsClub Classics - 50 Years Of Northern SoulLP2018**** 1/21:17:40
Various artistsCool 'N' FreshLP1983not rated
Various artistsDaffy DancesLP1975not rated
Various artistsDaffy Dances (2nd copy)LP1975**** 1/2
Various artistsDeep Heat 9 Ninth Life - Kiss The BlissLP1990****2:03:51
Various artistsDisco RocketLP1977not rated
Various artistsDisco Sound Special Vol. 1LP1975****
Various artistsDiscomania 2 (Non-Stop)LP1976****56:46
Various artistsDon Kirshner presents Fun RockLP1975not rated
Various artistsDon't Walk, Boogie.LP1978****
Various artistsDrive-In Season7" Single1996**** 1/29:49
Various artistsDynamite LPLP1974****56:17
Various artistsEdge Of The Road: A Medium Cool SamplerLP1988*** 1/224:04
Various artistsEis Am Stiel 5 - Die Große LiebeLP1984**** 1/21:16:53
Various artistsEmpire Records - The SoundtrackLP1995**** 1/253:09
Various artistsEurovision Gala (29 Winners - 29 Worldsuccesses)LP1981****
Various artistsFantastic (Canadian Edition)LP1973**** 1/257:06
Various artistsFantastic (US Edition)LP1973not rated
Various artistsFeedback To The FutureLP2003**** 1/247:27
Various artistsFerris Bueller's Day Off OSTLP2014**** 1/258:01
Various artistsFilmpalast SuperhitsLP1984not rated1:00:58
Various artistsFino Alla Fine / Survivor7" Single2001*****7:50
Various artistsFlare GrooveLP1988not rated43:17
Various artistsFloorshakersLP1983**** 1/237:24
Various artistsFootloose (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP1984****36:26
Various artistsFree 4 Track - RM2 EP7" EP1985** 1/2
Various artistsFritz The Cat OSTLP1972****37:57
Various artistsFunky FavoritesLP1977not rated48:17
Various artistsFunky Super HitsLP1983**** 1/2
Various artistsFunny Bone FavoritesLP1978not rated
Various artistsGallinas Gigantes Con Metralletas / I WantFlexi-disc1989****5:30
Various artistsGettin' Together - Groovy Sounds From The Summer Of LoveLP7/28/2017****43:20
Various artistsGlass Arcade: A Sarah CompilationLP9/23/1991**** 1/21:02:10
Various artistsGolden GumLP1981**** 1/2
Various artistsGrease OST LPLP1978****1:03:09
Various artistsGuardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1LP2014**** 1/244:51
Various artistsGuardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 2LP8/2017**** 1/251:51
Various artistsHeart Rock Vol 3 - Rock Für's HerzLP1991****2:09:43
Various artistsHigh Fidelity OSTLP2000*** 1/21:05:01
Various artistsHistory Of British Rock, Volume IILP1974**** 1/21:18:21
Various artistsHit ExplosionLP1977not rated
Various artistsHit Fever LPLP1978****1:09:06
Various artistsHits 3 - The AlbumLP1985**** 1/2
Various artistsHoliday HitsLP1986**** 1/21:03:17
Various artistsHot Bubblegum (Lemon Popsicle III) OSTLP1981****1:03:49
Various artistsHot Tracks 10-1LP1991not rated52:42
Various artistsI Wanna Be Sedated: From The Underground - Celebrating 60 Years Of Warner Bros. RecordsLP2018**** 1/21:12:50
Various artistsIndie AnthemsLP5/26/2017**** 1/21:12:14
Various artistsInternational Pop EP7" EP1992**** 1/210:47
Various artistsIsraelites / Jingle Jangle7" Single1984**** 1/25:25
Various artistsJUST LIKE HONEY-「ハチミツ」20th Anniversary Tribute-【アナログ】LP1/27/2016**** 1/244:40
Various artistsKaos Theory 3LP7/6/1992*** 1/21:01:53
Various artistsKeeping The Faith / 28 Stompin' Northern Soul ClassicsLP10/4/2019**** 1/21:10:21
Various artistsKickin' Back to the Future: I.R.S. Records Compilation from U.S.A.LP1987**** 1/239:09
Various artistsKooky KountryLP1975****59:22
Various artistsLambsbread / High Grade7" Single2008not rated
Various artistsLittle Shop Of Horrors OSTLP1986**** 1/238:41
Various artistsLove/Evil Temptation/Love Story/Sleep Walk7" Single1971**** 1/2
Various artistsMetal Killers KollectionLP1985**1:41:40
Various artistsMirwood Northern SoulLP11/17/2017**** 1/234:55
Various artistsModern DanceLP1981****1:01:37
Various artistsMore Songs From The Original Soundtrack Of The Big ChillLP1984**** 1/233:16
Various artistsMoshi Moshi: Pop International StyleLP10/26/1999**** 1/22:11:12
Various artistsMusic ExplosionLP1977not rated
Various artistsMusic Explosion LPLP1974****1:00:53
Various artistsMusic From The Motion Picture Sound Track Zabriskie PointLP1970****35:52
Various artistsMystery...Terror...Suspense! It's Torture And 15 Other Great Soul DestroyersLP1985not rated
Various artistsNeuzeitLP1982****52:49
Various artistsNever Give Up / King Selassie7" Single2008not rated
Various artistsNew Soul Best CollectionLP1974****46:08
Various artistsNorthern Soul All NighterLP2/15/2016**** 1/21:30:50
Various artistsNorthern Soul FloorfillersLP2017*****
Various artistsNorthern Soul Weekender (Russ Winstanley Presents The Ultimate Weekender)LP11/4/2016**** 1/243:15
Various artistsNow That's What I Call Music - The Christmas AlbumLP1985****
Various artistsNow That's What I Call Music 12LP1988****2:01:57
Various artistsO Canada/God Save the Queen/The Maple Leaf Forever EP7" EP** 1/25:51
Various artistsOne Pound Ninety-Nine (A Music Sampler Of The State Of Things)LP1985***55:43
Various artistsOriginal Reggae GreatsLP1972****
Various artistsPepsi Band Aid Hits LPLP1985***48:39
Various artistsPop Culture Press #33Flexi-disc1995***
Various artistsPopcorn / Baby Sittin' Boogie7" Single1981**** 1/24:31
Various artistsPretty In PinkLP1986**** 1/239:07
Various artistsPulp Fiction SoundtrackLP1994****40:58
Various artistsPure Gold Collection - Volume OneLP1977**** 1/2
Various artistsPure Power K-Tel LPLP1977*** 1/2
Various artistsReggae Goodies Vol. 2LP1977*** 1/235:46
Various artistsRemember The 60's (Volume 3)LP1983****
Various artistsRhythm Of The SunLP1989****1:06:25
Various artistsRock 'N Roller DiscoLP1979****1:01:46
Various artistsSesame Street FeverLP1978not rated
Various artistsSiesta Pop7" Single3/1995not rated
Various artistsSoul FoodLP1976**** 1/2
Various artistsSounds Spectacular 20 World Wide HitsLP1974not rated54:16
Various artistsStay / Ferrol, Spain7" Single1995****
Various artistsStiff Sounds - Can't Start Dancin'LP1978****
Various artistsStranger Things (Music From The Netflix Original Series)LP12/19/2017**** 1/21:17:46
Various artistsStrictly Rhythm: The Early Years LPLP1993**** 1/21:13:22
Various artistsSun,Surf & SoulLP1994**** 1/2
Various artistsSunny Afternoon Volume IILP1984**** 1/2
Various artistsSuper BadLP1972not rated
Various artistsSuper K's Bubblegum ExposionLP1990**** 1/244:47
Various artistsSuper Oldies International Collection Vol 4 LPLP1985*** 1/250:12
Various artistsSuperchart '83 - Volume 1LP1983**** 1/2
Various artistsT E M P O R A R YLP9/16/2014***41:21
Various artistsTechno Trip Vol. 3 (Still Tripping)LP1992****1:23:34
Various artistsTechnotrax Vol. 2 LPLP1991**** 1/21:34:39
Various artistsTechnotrax Vol. 4 LPLP1992****1:41:01
Various artistsTemple Cloud: A Sarah CompilationLP1990****1:01:40
Various artistsThe 60s' Pop AnnualLP2018**** 1/2
Various artistsThe 70s Pop AnnualLP11/17/2017**** 1/21:46:26
Various artistsThe 80s Pop AnnualLP11/17/2017**** 1/21:50:12
Various artistsThe Best Of Dance 91LP1991**** 1/22:04:38
Various artistsThe Best from BuddahLP1969**** 1/229:56
Various artistsThe Best of Dance 92 LPLP1992***
Various artistsThe Big Chill (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP1983not rated31:13
Various artistsThe Big Chill (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP1983not rated31:13
Various artistsThe Blacklist - Music From The Television SeriesLP2015*****45:28
Various artistsThe Channel One StoryLP2004****2:01:43
Various artistsThe Comic StripLP1981not rated1:09:12
Various artistsThe Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP3/30/2018*****
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Fifteen)LP1983**** 1/21:30:21
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Nine)LP1982****1:39:09
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Seventeen)LP1983****
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Sixteen)LP1983****1:32:11
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Thirty One)LP1985*** 1/2
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Thirty Seven)LP1986****1:27:51
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Thirty Six)LP1986**** 1/21:31:25
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Twenty Five)LP1984****
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Twenty Nine)LP1985**** 1/2
Various artistsThe History Of Rock (Volume Twenty)LP1983**** 1/245:10
Various artistsThe Hits Album LPLP1984****
Various artistsThe Music Of Walt DisneyLP1959not rated
Various artistsThe Return Of Super BadLP1988****2:03:43
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume FiveLP1/19/2018**** 1/21:28:13
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume Five FOR SALE (2 copies)LP1/19/2018**** 1/2
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume FourLP11/17/2016not rated1:32:01
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume OneLP11/10/2012****1:27:15
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume SixLP2019****
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume ThreeLP2/2015****1:14:48
Various artistsThe Reverb Conspiracy Volume TwoLP11/23/2013not rated1:29:20
Various artistsThe SeventiesLP5/8/2018*** 1/2
Various artistsThe SixtiesLP5/8/2018*****
Various artistsThe Sounds Of Murphy Brown (Original Television Soundtrack Album)LP1990**** 1/238:47
Various artistsThe StudLP1978****
Various artistsThe Warriors (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)LP1979****36:57
Various artistsThis Is It! 20 Of The Hottest Hits AroundLP1979****1:00:39
Various artistsThis Is Strictly Rhythm LPLP1991****1:10:44
Various artistsThis is Fame 1964 - 1968LP10/7/2016**** 1/21:01:37
Various artistsThree Wishes: Part Time Punks SessionsLP1/27/2017****39:09
Various artistsTighten UpLP1969****33:25
Various artistsTraumaLP1982**** 1/246:51
Various artistsTrippin On Your SoulLP1990**** 1/2
Various artistsTubeLP1984**** 1/21:00:49
Various artistsTwenty With A BulletLP1982**** 1/2
Various artistsUnited Dreadlocks Vol. 1LP1980**** 1/2
Various artistsUnited Dreadlocks Vol. 2LP1980**** 1/234:14
Various artistsUppers On The South DownsLP1980*** 1/2
Various artistsUpside Down / Tell It To My Heart12" Single1990**** 1/210:42
Various artistsWalt Disney's Mary Poppins: Original Cast SoundtrackLP1964not rated43:36
Various artistsWhat Time Is Love LPLP1989**** 1/239:45
Various artistsWinter WonderlandLP7/1/2017****1:04:02
Various artistsYou Must Remember These Volume IILP1972***32:25
Various artistsとなりのトトロ(『となりのトトロ』より)7" Single2007*****10:50
Various artistsキラキラジブリ 2 (Kira Kira Ghibli 2)7" Single2007*** 1/2
Various artistsキラキラジブリ 3 (Kira Kira Ghibli 3)7" Single2007**** 1/2
Various artistsキラキラジブリ 4 (Kira Kira Ghibli 4)7" Single2008*****
Various artists天空の城ラピュタ(『天空の城ラピュタ』より)7" Single2007****